Wavves announce Life Sux EP, accidentally order an XL pizza made of skateboards

Wavves announce Life Sux EP, accidentally order an XL pizza made of skateboards

I’m sure your parents gave you the talk at age 14 about how drugs make you lazy and unmotivated. Nathan Williams’ parents probably gave him the same speech, which didn’t stop one of today’s most publicized stoners from getting simultaneously high and popular under the name — you know it — Wavves. After recording two albums à la Crystal Castles (that is, obnoxiously self-titled), and the pompously-entitled King of the Beach (TMT Review), Wavves have announced a new EP, this time called Life Sux, to be released on Williams’ own label, Ghost Ramp.

Does life suck for Nathan Williams? He presumably still smokes a lot of weed, which I’m told mellows people out and is a way of allaying depression. He’s also still with Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino (who sings on one track of the EP), and is a cat owner, which apparently can prolong your life and lower stress levels. Things just don’t add up in that department, but the EP is supposed to be less self-revelatory and more “the tale of two loathsome characters locked down in Bummertown.” I think it’s fair to assume that the two do not include Williams and co. Even Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham gets in on the action, and who wants to jump on a sinking ship?

In the interest of those who may be currently under the influence, I’ll repeat the relevant information in case you forgot. Wavves’ EP Life Sux is out September 20 on Ghost Ramp, marking the first release from Nathan Williams’ label. Got it? Now go raid the fridge. Or better yet, record a full-length album before the end of the year — because that’s what Wavves are doing.

Life Sux tracklisting:

A1. Burg
A2. I Wanna Be Dave Grohl
A3. Nodding Off (feat. Best Coast)
B1. Poor Lenore
B2. Destroy (feat. Fucked Up)
B3. In the Sand (live) **

** vinyl and iTunes bonus track

• Wavves: http://www.myspace.com/wavves
• Ghost Ramp: http://ghostramp.blogspot.com

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