Ki, ki, ki…ma, ma, ma….scrrratch! Waxwork Records releases Friday the 13th: Part II soundtrack LP

Ki, ki,, ma, ma….scrrratch! Waxwork Records releases Friday the 13th: Part II soundtrack LP

People have been complaining a lot this year about having Friday the 13th for two consecutive months. Well here’s a Friday the 13th worth cheering for: Waxwork Records is releasing the Friday the 13th: Part II soundtrack on 180 gram vinyl on May 15 with variants of a Jason sack mask with blue splatter and Mrs. Voorhees sweater with blood splatter. The vinyl also includes a fold-out poster of the album cover art, which you can use to cover that hole in the wall you punched when your girlfriend or boyfriend told you your genitals are too big.

Harry Manfredini, the same composer daring enough to score The Anna Nicole Smith Story dared to discover the original master tapes of the Friday the 13th: Part II soundtrack from the spooky Paramount Pictures vaults. Thanks to Manfredini we can all finally throw out that 99 cent Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House vinyl we were using for Halloween.

I can’t wait to tell my friend (and Horror film fanatic) Dunny about the great news. On second thought, scratch that, Dunny is a dick and he still owes me coke after we jinxed on saying, “Proudhon’s concept of animal sociability as anarchy intriguingly relates to reciprocal altruism.” Dunny also pronounces Horror films as “whore” films. So I’ll just let him carry on, and I’ll purchase this album for myself. Finally I’ll have a record to play that’ll keep all those over-sexed camp counselors that keep squatting in my backyard.

Friday the 13th: Part II tracklisting:

01. Flashback
02. Alice Hangs Up
03. Keep a cool Head (Main Title)
04. Prowler
05. Ralph Gets Cursed
06. Terry Looks For Muffin
07. Jeff and Sandy Are Watched
08. The Chase / Sheriff Visits / Villa Jason
09. Terry In Lake / Dolly In, Scott Out
10. Vickie Is Watched / Jason at Door
11. Vickie Goes Up
12. Jason and Paul Meet
13. Ragtop and Running Ragged
14. Ginny Under The Bed
15. Ginny Visits Villa Jason
16. Who’s At The Door?
17. Return To Chez Jason / End Title

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