The Weeknd to release Starboy November 25

The Weeknd to release Starboy November 25

The best type of The Weeknd news is told during the work week. Just as I was reading about why The Weeknd wears his hair the way he does on Wikipedia, I find out from that he has a new album, Starboy, out November 25 on XO/Republic. I am in shock to see the cover art of the album, which shows The Weeknd’s new haircut. In his Wikipedia post, he might state something like “But if I cut it, I’d look like everyone else. And that’s just so boring to me.” Check it up.

Dropping the new “Starboy” single featuring Daft Punk on Apple Music is just a way to distract us from this new haircut mystery. Is The Weeknd boring now? Is he making a postmodern statement? Was his old haircut obscuring his line of vision? The only other track names that have been revealed so far are “False Alarm” and “Starboy.” Maybe all are hair-related questions will be answered on November 25. Probably not though.

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