Weirdo East London crew TTY release Cry, But Go EP on Young Turks

Weirdo East London crew TTY release Cry, But Go EP on Young Turks

Bizarre takes on UK hip-hop by an elusive, idiosyncratic crew from East London. Wild rooftop parties during Occupy. Buds with Klein. Smoke machines lent by Dean Blunt. What’s not to be curious about?

These kids call themselves TTY (@thetheyouth), and today, they release the Cry, But Go EP on Young Turks/Kyverdale Road. Aside from a press release that describes some reportedly strange behavior leading up to this release — blowing their marketing budget on trips to Japan to shoot photos/videos, a lawyer who quit after 18 months of negotiations, contract clauses requesting a Prada bag and Maharishi “XL” jackets — there’s not much more info about them. BUT, HEY, THAT’S HOW WE LIKE IT.

Cry, But Go is out now. Digital fun here, vinyl goods here. Listen to previews below, followed by their Young Turks podcast.

Cry, But Go tracklist:

01. Open
02. Let Me Go
03. Act II
04. Night Time
05. Buttercream
06. AB Interlude
07. ABG
08. Act III
09. Fake Love
10. Awake
11. Go and Fly

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