Weval sign to Kompakt, announce new EP, challenge Dauwd for the Euro beverage throne

Weval sign to Kompakt, announce new EP, challenge Dauwd for the Euro beverage throne

The Dutch duo of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers a.k.a. Weval have had a very good year. It started with a Schweppes commercial — respectable in itself, as their ginger ale is known for its superb quality — which featured the pair’s song “Detian,” along with Penelope Cruz going in on some Schweppes at the club. So very European. Now, like orange Fanta, Weval are making for the main stage with a signing to German outpost Kompakt, on the back of a well-received Gui Boratto remix. Their first EP for the label, Easier, will drop this fall.

In anticipation of their new release, the two pals from the Netherlands have shared a stream of opening cut “Gimme Some,” which rides a slinky techno rhythm filled with haunting atmospherics and a soulful vocal refrain. It’s at turns poppy, ambitious, and mildly bizarre, but the production quality remains admirable throughout. And it’s not for nothing when Kompakt describes you as their “most exciting new addition of recent time.” What, Dauwd ain’t no thing now? The guy hasn’t even put out a full-length and Weval’s already the new name in town. In any case, the Dutch pair will play their first high-profile showcase at ADE on October 18, alongside label artists Gui Boratto, Superpitcher, Rebolledo, Michael Mayer, Kölsch, and yes, Dauwd. Easier is out on November 24, and a stream of “Gimme Some” can be found below.

Easier tracklist:

01. Gimme Some
02. One
03. Thinking Of
04. Easier

• Weval: https://soundcloud.com/weval
• Kompakt: http://www.kompakt.fm

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