Weyes Blood shares new track from Ariel Pink collab, announces more tour dates

Weyes Blood shares new track from Ariel Pink collab, announces more tour dates

Yaar! Avast ye, 2017! Make way for Natalie Mering, aka Weyes Blood the Pirate!

“Why is she suddenly a pirate??” I don’t really know! But I DO know that she’ll be “sailing the 7 Seas” (just kidding, modern science says there are really only 6 seas) in continued promotion of last fall’s deftly reported-upon album Front Row Seat To Earth. So maybe that has something to do with it?

Except WAIT. Did I mention that that’s not the only thing she’s touring on? Because the Mexican Summer label is also set to release a brand new EP collaboration between Miss Blood and Mr. Ariel “Pink” Rosenberg, entitled Myths 002 and conceived during the label’s annual “Marfa Myths” festival in Marfa, Texas? I DIDN’T mention that???

Well, I’m mentioning it now, so GET OFF MY CASE. Damn. Anyway: The four song EP — which, as you can probably easily imagine if you know the work of these two troubadours, is freakin’ COSMIC PROG FOLK TO THE MAX — is due January 27, but you can pre order the crap out it now in all 12 inches of it’s 12-inch vinyl glory.

Additionally, you can check out the lead-off track from the EP, “Tears on Fire,” (which, in my opinion, the press release missed a great opportunity to describe as “pretty much ‘SCARBOROUGH FAIR’ ON MARS”) down below, which should help you decide how MANY copies you’ll be buying/tickets you’ll be frantically purchasing.

Welp. That’s about all you need to know, I guess. Shit, we got pretty far away from that whole “pirate” conceit in a hurry, didn’t we?

Myths 002 tracklist:

01. Tears On Fire
02. Daddy, Please Give A Little Time To Me
03. Morning After
04. On Another Day

Weyes Blood toour daytes:

01.19.17 - Sydney, NSW, Australia - Sydney Laneway
01.20.17 - Northcote, VIC, Australia - Northcote Social Club
01.21.17 - Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Sugar Mountain Festival
01.22.17 - Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Junk Bar
01.24.17 - Auckland, New Zealand - Aotea Square
01.25.17 - Auckland, New Zealand - Whammy Bar
02.16.17 - San Diego, CA - Soda Bar
02.17 .17 -Pomona, CA - Acerogami
02.18.17 - Costa Mesa, CA - The Wayfarer
02.20.17 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place
02.21.17 - San Francisco, CA - Swedish American Hall
02.22.17 - Arcata, CA - The Miniplex
02.23.17 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
02.24.17 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
02.25.17 - Vancouver, BC, Canada - The Cobalt
03.09-12.17 - Marfa, TX - Marfa Myths (performing w/ Perfume Genius)
03.30.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
04.05.17 - Brodeaux, FR - I Boat
04.06.17 - La Roche-sur-Yon FR - Fuzz’Yon
04.07.17 - Lille, FR - Le Grand Mix
04.08.17 - Rotterdam, NL - Motel Mozaique Festival
04.11.17 - Paris, FR - Point Ephemere
04.13.17 - London, UK - The Dome
04.14.17 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
04.15.17 - Dublin, IE - Workman’s Club
06.08-10.17 - Barcelona, ES - Primavera

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