White Fang have a new album on the way, and they have a video clip about smoking pot to prove it

White Fang have a new album on the way, and they have a video clip about smoking pot to prove it

White Fang and Miley Cyrus mining the same territory? Apparently so.

Riding in the slipstream (pot haze?) of Cyrus’s recent opus “Dooo It!,” which you might have noticed pretty much just talks about smoking pot, White Fang have upped the stakes with their latest single “Bong Rip,” which pretty much describes how to smoke and where the band likes to do it (spoiler: pretty much anywhere).

The video clip doesn’t dabble with glitter on faces and gratuitous overworking of tongue and teeth. It gets straight to the point, featuring the band playing the song in a haze of pot smoke interspersed with people giving demonstrations of how to hit the bong (for the uninitiated). It was directed by Kyle Newacheck of Workaholics fame, and the clip has the same vibe as the show.

“Bong Rip” is the lead single from White Fang’s forthcoming album Chunks which was produced by Bobby Harlow of The Go, who described the group as “devastatingly cool.” It’s out October 30 via Burger Records.

Before that, White Fang will be touring Australia, where weed isn’t legal, even, you know, medicinally. How will they manage?

Tour Dates:

09.26.15 - Marrickville, NSW - Secret Party
09.27.15 - Sydney, NSW - Sounds Of The Suburbs
10.01.15 - Melbourne, VIC - The Curtin
10.02.15 - Newstead, VIC - Chopped Festival
10.03.15 - Ballarat, VIC - The Eastern Hotel


01. Full Time Freaks/Chunks
02. Wrecked
03. Bong Rip
04. 4-Track Mind
05. Drugs I’ve Taken
06. Sleeping Bag
07. Tear It Up
08. Wander
09. I Love School
10. Fuck
11. Chairman Of The Bored
12. Turning Square
13. Doin’ The Damn Thing
14. Pissing In The Driveway
15. Thank You
16. Shit On My Shoe

• White Fang: http://www.whitefangsucks.com
• Burger Records: http://www.burgerrecords.org

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