White Hills announce new LP, expose world to a creepy looking doll

White Hills announce new LP, expose world to a creepy looking doll

Let me warn you right now. This post contains a reference to a very creepy baby-style doll. There is also a link to footage of the aforementioned doll. Warning over.

New York motorik fuzz group White Hills have a new album, Walks for Motorists, coming out April 7 through Thrill Jockey. Differing from the rest of the band’s very, very extensive discography, this album brings in an outside producer (past albums were produced by guitarist Dave W.) in the form of David Wrench. Previously, Wrench had worked with acts like FKA Twigs and Owen Pallett, folks stylistically far from White Hills’ scuzzy psych.

Okay, here it comes. In anticipation of the album, White Hills have put out a trailer directed by bassist Ego Sensation. THERE IS A VERY CREEPY DOLL AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS VIDEO. Watch if you are brave or if you somehow aren’t terrified by creepy dolls:

Walks for Motorists is available for pre-order through Thrill Jockey right now. For a limited time, pre-orders of the vinyl will come with a 12-inch titled Drives for Pedestrians. This bonus record contains 30 minutes of unreleased material and, hopefully, instructions for destroying awful, terrifying toys.

Walks for Motorists tracklist:

01. No Will
02. £SD or USB
03. Wanderlust
04. Lead the Way
05. I, Nomad
06. We Are What You Are
07. Automated City
08. Life Is Upon You
09. Walks for Motorists

• White Hills: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WHITE-HILLS/90476409450
• Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com

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