White Stripes Cancel U.S. Tour; Even Though They Say Otherwise, It’s Probably Because They Hate You

Acclaimed Blueshammer tribute band The White Stripes have announced that their forthcoming tour of the U.S. has been canceled. It seems that little Meg, the drummer lady, has come down with a nasty dose of those ol’ “acute anxiety” blues, meaning she won’t be traveling anywhere for the foreseeable future, except maybe to the toilet for her morning poo. Pretty late call, too; the shows were due to start tonight in Albuquerque, NM. As they put it themselves, “We hate to let people down and are very sorry.”

Such is the ‘news’ as reported in countless other news-felches; as you well know, we aim to go one step further here at TMT. Consequently, my loyal band of news-gnomes and I have tirelessly burrowed to unearth these rumors regarding the causes of Meg’s anxiety:

• Jack and Meg were approaching Albuquerque, and passed through the sinisterly named New Mexico hamlet, Truth Or Consequences. Suddenly gripped with guilt over their prior disseminations regarding the true facts of their relationship and fearful of the dreaded consequences implied by the town’s name, the dead hand of anxiety struck;

• Jack suggested they hire a bagpipe player for the tour for when they play that cak bagpipe song off of the new album. And dress him up like a fucking pearly king;

• Jack wrote a new song featuring a two-second drum solo;

• She saw Britney Spears’ hot ‘n’ slinky performance on that MTV thing the other night. A horrified Meg, who was also planning to perform in merely a bra and panties for the entire tour, was gripped by anxiety that people might think she was just ripping off the re-energized Britney;

• She was anxious she would miss much of the Women’s World Cup.

For now, though, the British tour starting on October 24 is going ahead. Proud citizens of the United States can get a refund from wherever you purchased your tickets; those Texans amongst you who had tickets for the Austin shows are probably also legally allowed to shoot Meg dead without punishment, should you so desire. And the list of canceled shows? I’m always eager to please:

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