White Suns make a habit of crushing your soul (in a good way), announce Totem LP

White Suns make a habit of crushing your soul (in a good way), announce Totem LP

So, you know White Suns, who hastily bowled over the TMT collective with their second full-length album and adequate annoyer of neighbors Sinews (TMT Review) back in 2012? Remember how that album epitomized relentlessness, save a pause on the first track? Forget all that. In the intervening two years since that album’s release, the Brooklyn-based trio have allegedly softened their approach, affected as they were by the mental tranquilizers induced by a series of marathon hot yoga sessions. It’s more like Rainbow Twinkles now. The vocal similarities of Kevin Barry and Art Garfunkel now exist to the point of being easily pointed out.


A press release does mention a “tempering” on their upcoming album Totem, but context reveals the ends and offers relief to enthusiasts of White Suns’ previous work: tempered by “deadened stares” and “slow-burn instrumentals.” That sounds like a more apparent interspersion of drone to me, but a lack of samples only leaves us to speculate. Totem comes out March 11 via The Flenser, and a noteworthy credit applies to Martin Bisi as the recording engineer, who has previously worked with the likes of Sonic Youth, Boredoms, and Swans. A fitting recruit, then. Might want to preemptively raise the volume for this one. Yes, raise.

Totem tracklisting:

01. Priest in the Laboratory
02. Prostrate
03. Disjecta Membra
04. Cathexis
05. Fossil Record
06. Clairvoyant
07. Line of Smoke
08. Carrion

• White Suns: http://whitesuns.blogspot.com
• The Flenser: http://theflenser.com

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