Whities announces new 3-track Bambounou EP, share hypnotizing new track

Whities announces new 3-track Bambounou EP, share hypnotizing new track

Whities — Nic Tasker’s label, responsible for some of the best dancefloor 12-inches of last year — apparently has no plans to slow down anytime soon. It will be starting off its 2019 season with a 3-track EP from Bambounou, the iconic French DJ responsible for some of 50 Weapons’s biggest hits.

Whities 021 (which follows such releases as Whities 019, Whities 018, and Whities 017, wait… am I missing something?) will be released on February 22. It will feature tracks all made for his set at Freerotation in 2017.

You can listen now, though, to the first track, “Temple.” For seven whole minutes, you can get lost in absolute hypnosis as it putters with pure minimal rhythm. You can also pre-order the whole thing right over here.

Those who have heard of Bambounou’s great DJ sets and want to get a piece of that can catch him at some upcoming shows. He will be playing this Friday as part of a Whities label showcase at Berghain and Panorama Bar, and at the Tate Modern on February 23, the day after the EP’s release.

Whities 021 tracklisting:

01. Temple
02. Tour
03. Seize-Sept

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