Who should Ze Pequeno go see at Noise Pop 2013?

Who should Ze Pequeno go see at Noise Pop 2013?

Fellow readers, as some of you may know, I (Ze Pequeno) have been attending the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco (and sometimes Oakland) for the past three years. After some haggling from the sex cult at 1080 Folsom in SOMA and city Supervisor Scott Weiner, I have been asked to attend Noise Pop 2013. But I was bereft of inspiration. Not due to the lineup, but a general lack of inspiration. Previous years have seen different themes, obvious and not. But this year, something was missing to make coverage interesting.

So, while in Alamo Square on a sunny day recently, I decided to call our Editor-in-Chief, Mr P, to decide what to do. Instead of answering my phone call, he descended from above on Ian MacKaye’s cloud (long story). After greeting him, he responded with a voice resembling a turntable scratching. “You’re talking like the King of All Cosmos again,” I said (longer story). To which he stopped that and started talking normally again. We discussed the issue at hand: What to do for Noise Pop. After bouncing off suggestions (from using a cannon, to having different writers go to a show without them even knowing they’re supposed to cover it, to “sponsored content,” whatever that means), I thought of something: Why not let our readers determine our coverage?

Mr P boomed, “MAKE IT SO.”

“You’re acting like the King of All Cosmos again,” I said, noting the rainbow.

“Aww, I thought I was being all Picard there.”

“Same diff.”

Thus, Tiny Mix Tapes presents: Noise Pop 2013: The People’s Choice! (Or, A Decline of City)

Starting tonight and every night until Saturday, Tiny Mix Tapes will post a poll on its Facebook page, asking you, the reader, where I should go the following evening for Noise Pop 2013. Votes will be due by 6 PM Pacific time on the evening of the event. Whichever show gets the most votes will be the show that I’ll attend. The first poll is already up.

With any luck, this Noise Pop will be the greatest adventure yet! …Or, it will be a trainwreck. Either way, it will be truly the most Tiny Mix Tapes.

• Noise Pop 2013: http://noisepop.com/2013
• Tiny Mix Tapes: http://www.facebook.com/tinymixtapes

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