WHY BE to release EP on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil, drops incredible video

WHY BE to release EP on Rabit's Halcyon Veil, drops incredible video

Despite being inextricable from discussions revolving around the aesthetics of artists/collectives like Elysia Crampton, Total Freedom, NON, and Janus, WHY BE has always felt a bit on the periphery. The South Korea-born, Denmark-residing artist (a.k.a. Tobias Lee Christensen) is certainly active, most notably with his annual club event FOAM at Copenhagen’s Distortion fest, but his incredible yet scattered collection of mixes, remixes, chops, and fuckeries, with one semi-“tangible” (and visionary) EP, has made it harder for us outsiders looking in to digest it all.

So, it’s absolutely thrilling that WHY BE has just announced a new four-track EP for Rabit’s Halcyon Veil, a label already responsible for some of this year’s best music. And we won’t have to wait long: the EP, titled SNIPESTREET, is expected to drop in the next couple days, digitally and on vinyl.

Check out the video for “WHALIN (KYSELINA OST),” directed by ECCO2K and premiered by DIS. Shit’s amazing.

• WHY BE: https://soundcloud.com/ristlee2smoeger
• Halcyon Veil: http://halcyonveil.com

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