Why Doesn’t That Surprise Me: Lala.com Lost Warner Music Group a Shit Ton of Money

According to FMQB News, Warner Music Group sold increasingly-baffling music distribution site Lala.com to Apple for a tidy $9 million on December 4 of last year. Unfortunately for Warner, the never-quite-successful venture cost them $11 million more in investments than the amount for which Apple took it off their hands. Somehow I don’t feel bad for Warner.

I’m curious to see what the new owners do with the site, whose clever initial premise — trading CDs at a fraction of retail cost — lost its relevance within a year of introduction. I’ve only seen their newish audio streaming service in frequent use on Pitchfork, which I think started around the time Apple bought Lala. In my awake-at-3:30 AM mind, this clearly establishes that Apple secretly owns Pitchfork or at least runs some sort of music website shadow government.

Shit, that’s terrifying. I’m going to sleep.

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