William Basinski to release new album A Shadow In Time

William Basinski to release new album A Shadow In Time

It can sometimes feel a bit underwhelming to come across an album (proposed or since propagated) that only has two tracks, but if the principal credit just happens to be William Basinski, you know there’s a high likelihood of those two tracks occupying your time for at least as long as your typical studio album. Then comes the notion of how long an album occupies your head space, and in that respect, Basinski might be unrivaled with how easily his tape-decaying melodies generally endure through the menial activities of daily life. It’s practically an expectation that you’ll be hearing The Disintegration Loops in your mental enclosure for several weeks post-listen, and Basinski’s more recent stuff shouldn’t be considered lacking when it comes to serving as an unavoidable soundtrack to your evening floss. Beautiful loops just have that staying tendency, don’t they?

A Shadow In Time is the New York composer’s newest attempt to hijack your brain wheel, and both tracks on the new release premiered in a live setting a couple of months after the passing of the inimitable David Bowie last year. The concluding track “For David Robert Jones” obviously confirms the eulogy, so if you want a doubtlessly pleasant way to remember the legend, wait until January 15 to purchase the black vinyl. Pre-orders are available here.

And here’s an amateur capture of Basinski performing the release:

A Shadow In Time tracklisting:

01. A Shadow In Time
02. For David Robert Jones

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