William Basinski to release new album Nocturnes, hopefully before year is out

William Basinski to release new album Nocturnes, hopefully before year is out

In an interview conducted by TMT earlier this week, composer and ambient legend William Basinski revealed the title and details for his next album release. Entitled Nocturnes, the disc will include two pieces, one culled deep from his Tupperware archives and the other a more recent composition. The young post-grad Basinski of the late San Fran 1970s here provides a “very trippy” prepared piano and tape loop piece, built in part upon an experiment with graphic notation. Meanwhile, Basinski the elder L.A. gun (and Williamsburg veteran) contributes a drone, loop, and feedback piece of a two- or three-year vintage, freshly revised after having originally been employed in Robert Wilson’s recent opera, The Life and Death of Marina Abramović (for which decade-plus Basinski bud Antony Hegarty also spun some tunes).

There is no firm release date yet in place, but as Basinski finalizes the artwork, he hopes to have it out on his own 2062 label sometime before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Temporary Residence Ltd. is set to release on November 11 a stately 9-LP x 5-CD x 1-DVD x 144-page hardcover box set version of Disintegration Loops (our #10 favorite release from 2000-2009). You can pre-order it here. And watch for TMT’s full interview with Basinski next week!

• William Basinski: http://www.mmlxii.com
• Temporary Residence: http://temporaryresidence.com

[Photo: Seth Tisue]

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