Windish Agency Opens Branch in NYC, My Heart

The Windish Agency is a really cool indie artist representation group that I wish would give me a job. (If you or someone you know works for Windish, why not, say, just forward them this article? In the body of your email, you can also add that I am a hard worker with an impressive skill set that involves finding the funniest animals on the internet, having great hair, and drinking more caffeine than you or your doctor previously thought possible. I am a STEAL, let me tell you.) Windish represents groups like A Place to Bury Strangers, El Perro del Mar, Fever Ray, and GZA. And now they’ve expanded from their original outpost in Chicago and added a location in New York, which is just really fucking awesome because I totally want to live in New York! (Yes, yessssss, you should definitely forward this. Have I mentioned that I am also good at buying drinks and paying people off for favors done in 24K gold Rolexs and a night alone with Paris Hilton? It’s all true.) So congrats Windish on the expansion, and also to you New York, for your music business community is getting just that much more rad with this addition.

• Windish Agency:

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