Chicago’s Rotted Tooth Fest, the de facto replacement of Bitchpork, features Wolf Eyes, Bitchin’ Bajas, Sewn Leather, and more; fest starts tonight!

Chicago's Rotted Tooth Fest, the de facto replacement of Bitchpork, features Wolf Eyes, Bitchin' Bajas, Sewn Leather, and more; fest starts tonight!

“There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance/ A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance.”
– Geddy Lee

“Are we human, or are we dancer?”
– Brandon Flowers

“I got a free will/ I’m gonna use it/ I got a free will/ Yes, I do.”
–Taio Cruz

Life is suffocatingly full of choices. Life is a Chuck E. Cheese’s: we’re little kids, and choices are the balls in the ball pit, covering us entirely so our moms will leave us behind and the giant mouse will adopt us into his merry band of misfits. This weekend in particular is ripe with choices, especially for all you folks in and around Chicago. Indeed, one of the most important choices of your life is just standing there, waiting for you to get in there and decide all over it.

Starting this evening (July 19), there are two whole music festivals going on in Chicago. One is put on by the up-and-coming music site Pitch Fork Dot Com, the other by Chicago record label Rotted Tooth Recordings. Titled Rotted Tooth Fest, the event is a sort of de facto replacement for the Bitchpork festival, which, for the past few years, was also on the same weekend as Pitch Fork Dot Com’s festival. Bitchpork, though a bastion of clever wordplay, will not be returning this year.

Rotted Tooth Fest features acts such as Wolf Eyes, Bitchin’ Bajas, Oozing Wound, Sewn Leather, and a multitude of other sweaty, noisy folks who are looking to massage your aching free will if you’ll just let them. (One of the other bands on the bill is Rectal Hygienics, which is a name I wish I had called dibs on earlier.)

The event kicks off tonight at 9 PM, and you can visit the Rotted Tooth Recordings website for tickets. In fact, the only way to get the address for the event is to buy a ticket (they’ll send you the info via email). So unless you’re in the mood to wander around Chicago shouting “Rectal Hygienics!!,” I’d say pull the choice trigger and buy a ticket ASAP.

Friday, July 19:
Wolf Eyes
Sewn Leather
Bitchin Bajas
Gula Gila

Saturday, July 20:
Solid Attitude
Shaved Women
Oozing Wound
Super Sonic Piss
Mayor Daley
Rectal Hygienics

• Rotted Tooth Recordings:

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