Wolf Eyes lose an eye (Mike Connelly), pop a spare back in (Jim Baljo), announce new album No Answer

Wolf Eyes lose an eye (Mike Connelly), pop a spare back in (Jim Baljo), announce new album No Answer

It’s widely acknowledged by people who study furry things (study, not imitate) that wolves are pack animals. What’s sometimes neglected in the story, however, is what happens to the pack when a wolf independently decides to try their paw at other musical projects. Does their collective tendency for carnivorous rage result in its ultimate downfall? Are they able to resist the urge to kill and consume farm animals without that extra emotional support?

By now, you’ve realized that this isn’t nationalgeographic.com, and that I’m not actually talking about canines picking up and playing musical instruments. Human harbingers of noisy satisfaction, Wolf Eyes, have lost (now former) member Mike Connelly to other ventures and immediately replaced him with equally crazy person, guitarist Jim Baljo, per an announcement on their website.

Also of note, and perhaps unsurprising, given their preposterously-sized back catalog, is word of a new album, No Answer, set to be released at an unspecified date as a set of four 7-inch singles (via American Tapes), and eventually compiled on CD/LP (via who-knows-what label). European tourdates are also in the works, and as a final commentary on the auditory manifestation of Wolf Eyes’ slightly new composition, here’s the following: “The new era of the Wolf sound is tight simplified steady slow burning electronics/guitar/tapes/reeds unheard before in the canon of the band.” Yes.

• Wolf Eyes: http://www.wolfeyes.net
• American Tapes: http://americantapes.us

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