Wolf Parade Wolf People to release Steeple on Jagjaguwar

Wolf Parade Wolf People to release Steeple on Jagjaguwar

This is an official announcement. As of October 12, there will be a 9 PM curfew in effect across the United Kingdom and the continental United States. Wolf People will be out. Lock your doors. Close your shutters. Acquire sandbags, just for good measure. We repeat: Wolf People will be out, and there’s nothing we can do but accept it.

Indeed, Wolf People are coming out with their debut LP on Jagjaguwar in just a little while. Supposedly recorded “in a converted chicken barn on the grounds of a 17th century Welsh mansion,” Steeple carries with it all the stigma of the blood-soaked, moon-drenched moor of the Wolfman. Actually, in the daylight, they’re more under the clutches of Wicker Man psychedelia than Lon Cheney. We got pretty excited earlier this year over their first release, the singles collection Tidings (TMT Review). Download “Tiny Circle,” the first single from Steeple, here. It’s way better than everything they had on Expo 86. Oh wait….

• Wolf People: http://wolfpeople.co.uk
• Jagjaguwar: http://www.jagjaguwar.com

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