Woodsist creates subsidiary label Hello Sunshine, apparently cashing in on the hippy market

Woodsist creates subsidiary label Hello Sunshine, apparently cashing in on the hippy market

Odds are, lately you’ve been all swept up in the slew of semi-catastrophic current events taking place all over the globe. I feel ya — shit can get real heavy and wherever you go you see the glum faces of those weighted down by all this wordwide upheaval. In a time like this, it’s easy to lose track of some of the more down-to-Earth and modest accomplishments of our fellow man. Like the creation of the new Woodsist imprint Hello Sunshine, for example.

Hello Sunshine, from appearances, seems to stretch toward releasing transmissions from some of the more spacey and experimental reaches of the pop spectrum, as a sort of complement to the lo-fi and traditional sound that Woodsist has become synonymous with. Although the label was technically launched last June, it very recently spit out its second and third releases into the world. The first being Wet Hair and Raccoo-oo-oon man Ryan Garbes’ solo LP Sweet Hassle, and the next being the Portland, Maine outfit Herbcraft’s Ashram to the Stars LP.

With the winning streak that Woodsist has maintained over the years, I don’t see how Hello Sunshine couldn’t keep those same standards and continue to release some of the most interesting tunes being turned out on this side of the planet. So even if the end of the world we know is on its way (or something like that) at least this stuff can be its soundtrack.

Ryan Garbes’ Sweet Hassle tracklisting:

01. Relay
02. Boys Are Back
03. Whatever You Want
04. Thirst
05. Rain Song
06. Why
07. Slowing Down/The Walk
08. Perfume
09. Dream
10. Easily Influenced
11. 5D

Herbcraft’s Ashram to the Stars tracklisting:

01. Fleet Guru
02. Altar 2: Across the Abyss
03. Freak Flag
04. Altar 3: Birth’d
05. Get Esoteric
06. Mass
07. Jupiter Trine Sun

• Hello Sunshine: http://woodsist.blogspot.com/p/hello-sunshine.html
• Ryan Garbes: http://www.ryangarbes.com
• Herbcraft: http://herbcraft.bandcamp.com

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