Working Class People Grab their Parts and Labor for their “More Rock, Less Money” Tour

Parts and Labor are one of the loudest bands to see live. FACT: when you see smaller, "underground" bands in smaller, "underground" venues, everything is so much louder. OPINION: mainly, it's because the bands don't give a shit or it's part of their music-playing philosophy. FACT: or the venue is so small it doesn't even have a stage, so that puts you that much closer to the amplifiers, which are turned up to the same volume as if you were at a stadium concert. OPINION: in particular with Parts and Labor, their drummer beats the shit out of his drums. FACT: it's amazing.

Anyway, Parts and Labor, from Brooklyn, New York, having just toured throughout England during July, will continue on their tour around the world (i.e., Western Europe). The trio released a new CD, titled Stay Afraid, earlier this year and are soon going to release a new 12-inch EP which, according to their website, is "the three of [them] on electronics doing some beat-heavy, home-recorded experiments." FACT: I'm pretty excited, guys. OPINION: No, I'm not being sarcastic. FACT: I'm genuinely pumped. I saw these guys live and I got to talk with them! FACT: It's a shame that you have no idea if I'm being sarcastic or not because this medium doesn't allow for that type of interaction.

Regardless, check Parts and Labor out if you want to see a good show. They're pretty catchy and you might even be able to bring your non-music obsessed friends with you. OPINION: They might even have fun.

Pirates, zombies, and ninjas, what?:

10.06.06 – Antwerpen, Belgium – Trix
10.07.06 – Brussels, Belgium – Botanique ^_^
10.08.06 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso ^_^
10.10.06 – Leipzig, Germany – Frueh Auf *
10.11.06 – Bielefeld, Germany – AJZ *
10.13.06 – Malmo, Sweden – Pink Flag at Inkonst
10.14.06 – Stockholm, Sweden – Fritz's Corner ~_^
10.15.06 – Dresden, Germany – Groovestation
10.16.06 – Berlin, Germany – Magnet Club ~_^
10.17.06 – Stuttgart, Germany – Schocken ~_^
10.18.06 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Le Romandie ~_^
10.19.06 – Basel, Switzerland – Das Schiff ~_^
10.20.06 - Urbino, Italy - Makkia
10.21.06 - Pistoia, Italy - Melos
10.23.06 - Paris, France - Le Chiquito
10.24.06 - Brixton, UK - Windmill
10.27.06 - London, UK - The Fly
10.28.06 – Oxford, UK – Zodiac
10.29.06 – Lancaster, UK – The Yorkshire House
10.30.06 – Bristol, UK – Thelka
11.03.06 – New York, NY – Tonic +

^_^ w/ I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness and Hidden Cameras
* w/ Japanther and The Good Good
~_^ w/ I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
+ w/ Jagjaguwar/Brah Showcase

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