Wreck and Reference announce Indifferent Rivers Romance End, premiere single

Wreck and Reference announce Indifferent Rivers Romance End, premiere single

Californian experimental metal duo Wreck & Reference have just announced the upcoming release of their third album, Indifferent Rivers Romance End, on The Flenser. The album, out on July 22, continues to explore their lyrical preoccupations with nihilism, isolation, and despair, and their trademark grinding, distorted electronics will once again provide the industrial underpinnings to the whole affair.

However, it sounds as though the twosome of Ignat Frege and Felix Skinner are allowing the light in slightly on the new album, promising an exploration of “the possibility of change, even the necessity of it, when the self comes to face the inevitability of continued life amidst the construction and destruction of relationships.” So, it’s still pretty heavy-going, in case any of you heshers were worried they were losing their edge.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering “Powders,” the lead-off track from the new record, right here:

Track list:
01. Powders
02. Flight But Not Metaphor
03. Ascend
04. The Clearing
05. Liver
06. Modern Asylum
07. Manifestos
08. Bullwhips
09. Languish
10. Unwant

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