Xander Harris and Flatliner head out on an East Coast tour

Xander Harris and Flatliner head out on an East Coast tour

Dark synth lord Xander Harris is heading out with Flatliner (Holodeck Records) for his first-ever East Coast tour. On Thursday, the tour kicks off with a homestate Texas show in Houston, before delving deeper into the South and eventually wrapping up in New York City. Along the way, they’ll make some memories, play wonderfully-named places like The Chameleon Club, and share the stage with artists such as Seabat. What a concept! A Seabat. I want to hug its wet, seaweed-strewn wings as we take off together into the unknown.

Anyway. New material from Xander Harris is coming atcha from Mogwai’s Rock Action Records. In the past, his work has appeared on 100% Silk, Moon Glyph, and Not Not Fun. Flatliner’s debut EP, Black Medicine, just came out via Holodeck.

08.06.15 - Houston, TX - Civic TV Collective *
08.07.15 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia **
08.09.15 - Memphis, TN - The Lamplighter Lounge ***
08.10.15 - Asheville, NC - Static Age Records ****
08.11.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Spirit Lodge *****
08.12.15 - New York, NY - “Nothing Changes” Home Sweet Home ******
08.13.15 - Lancaster, PA - The Chameleon Club ******
08.14.15 - Queens, NY - Trans Pecos *******

* Flatliner, Millennial Grave
** Flatliner, Trance Farmers, All the Colors of the Dark DJ set
*** Flatliner, Aster
**** Flatliner, Kangarot
***** Flatliner, KMFD
****** Flatliner
******* Flatliner, Seabat

• Xander Harris: https://twitter.com/synthxndrharris
• Flatliner: http://soundcloud.com/flatlineratx
• Holodeck: http://holodeckrecords.com

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