Xiu Xiu announce even more North American tour dates, decreasing our likelihood of ever forgetting them

Xiu Xiu announce even more North American tour dates, decreasing our likelihood of ever forgetting them
(Good luck remembering how to correctly pronounce their band name in public conversation, though!)

Even though the Jamie Stewart-led project has been around more or less consistently for roughly 15 years now, these last couple of years have felt like a Xiu Xiu renaissance; and I personally look forward to watching the general public become increasingly squeamish as Xiu Xiu (both musically and as people) reach an unprecedented peak of international prominence. I mean, WHAT WILL HAPPEN when your typical mom and dad on good ol’ Main Street USA stumble upon lyrics recollecting “cum on my lips,” a poem conceived after collecting images of possibly-underage sex-workers? Other long-time Xiu Xiu fans and myself eagerly await the aural experience of one-thousand window shades being frantically closed nigh-simultaneously! And GUESS WHAT, mom n’ pop? Xiu Xiu are so coming to your town next.

No, seriously. They may actually be coming to your town next, given the North American tour that’s just been announced for August into September in support of FORGET (one of our favorite albums of 2017’s first quarter)…and don’t forget our whole Twin Peaks extravaganza that lasted for a week last month. Xiu Xiu clearly share our affinity for absurd storylines and eerie PNW settings.

Listen to FORGET in-full down below to help REMIND YOU to look at the subsequent list of dates.

Xiu Xiu do North America:

07.09.17 - Modena, Italy - Arti Vive Festival
08.26.17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Broad Museum
08.27.17 - Carlsbad, CA - Carlsbad Music Fest
09.02.17 - Aarhus, Denmark - Aarhus Festival @ VoxHall
09.09.17 - Guadalajara, Mexico - C3 Stage
09.10.17 - Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Indie Rocks!
09.15.17 - Washington, DC - Songbyrd
09.16.17 - Baltimore, MD - Windup Space
09.17-23.17 - Philadelphia, PA - FringeArts Festival
09.19.17 - Montreal, QC - La Vitrola
09.20.17 - Quebec City, QC - Le Cercle
09.21.17 - Portland, ME - Space Gallery
09.22.17 - Burlington, VT - TBD
09.23.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Villain

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