Xtra Mile launch North American branch, recruit Future of the Left as ever-friendly ambassadors

Xtra Mile launch North American branch, recruit Future of the Left as ever-friendly ambassadors

Xtra Mile is a prominent UK record label, boasting popular acts like Frank Turner, Against Me!, and Look Mexico. However, they do not have a North American branch. That’s no way to run a North American record label! In fact, that’s almost certainly one of the worst ways. I didn’t go to business school, but I know enough to get by. You guys should start a North American branch of your record label.

Thankfully, it looks like Xtra Mile are finally taking that advice I gave them one sentence ago. Xtra Mile are starting a North American branch of their record label! Now that they’ve teamed up with Independent Label Group for help with distribution and marketing, they’re ready to spread their records across the United States and Canada. They’ve recruited the sunniest of ambassadors to introduce themselves to this chunk of the world: Future of the Left. Some of the members of Future of the Left used to be in McLusky and none of those members have gotten any more easygoing since leaving McLusky. Their new record, The Plot Against Common Sense, will be out June 12 through the shiny, new American branch of Xtra Mile. Venom and dark humor will likely be present.

• Xtra Mile: http://xtramilerecordings.com
• Future of the Left: http://futureoftheleft.net

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