XXL (Xiu Xiu + Larsen) announce new album Puff O’Gigio ahead of their so far nonexistent album after that

XXL (Xiu Xiu + Larsen) announce new album Puff O’Gigio ahead of their so far nonexistent album after that

I’ve read more than one commentary alluding to the needlessness of an Xiu Xiu + Larsen collaboration, but those commentaries are…how do you say?…wrong, given that careful listening does, in fact, reveal a unique sound that isn’t mirrored by what either band has done independently. The normally rhapsodic style of Xiu Xiu is noticeably toned down across the first three XXL albums, and that’s almost certainly because the Torino-based quartet has a history of exploring post-rock, not in the vein of Tortoise, but in the vein of Slint with an almost invisible touch of optimism. “Prince Charming” (from XXL’s debut album ¡Ciaütistico!) is a standout track among lots of worthwhile ones, and I attribute its universal appeal to the lovely rock complement to Jamie Stewart’s not-so-secretly ominous vocals/lyrics/screaming. That’s totally XXL at its best.

Supposedly, XXL have never spent more than eight days working on a single album, and hey, look at that; apparently Xiu Xiu took a brief Italian sabbatical that allowed the new XXL release Puff O’Gigio to come to fruition. The album is coming out December 7 via the Bad Paintings label, and press on the subject refers to Puff as “a mythological, genetically modified character — a cross between the notorious Belgian 2-apple sized blue creatures and the equally popular Italian talking and dancing mice.” Clarification is for smarty pants scientists dwelling on new vaccines.

While you wait for another eight days or so to pass, have a listen to the track “Queen of Koalas” below — and keep an eye on the Bad Paintings website for bat signals of a pre-order facilitation.

Puff O’Gigio tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Ghost Maid
03. Interlude
04. Carissimo
05. To Carol Rama
06. Polar Bear Boogie Part 1
07. Polar Bear Boogie Part 2
08. Welcome To My Planet
09. Lemoning
10. Queen of Koalas
11. Outro

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