Yarn/Wire team up with Pete Swanson on LP for Distributed Objects, announce anniversary shows

Yarn/Wire team up with Pete Swanson on LP for Distributed Objects, announce anniversary shows

Hey God. I know you’ve historically utilized your omnipresence as a means to witness amazing musical performances from around the globe, but I think it’s time you scale it back a bit. Brooklyn’s ISSUE Project Room started a new imprint called Distributed Objects last year, and even though releases from the label have been relatively sparse, it’s great for folks who are geographically hindered from actually attending shows at the venue, as well as for deities guiltily avoiding extraneous ticketing fees by virtue of their all-seeing eyes.

The label’s latest release is called Eliminated Artist, a joint album by Pete Swanson (formerly of Yellow Swans) and experimental quartet Yarn/Wire. Both tracks off the record were recorded live at the Brooklyn venue, and both stem from a collaborative opportunity that Swanson and the ensemble saw following the latter’s ISSUE residency in 2011. The title track emerged from Swanson re-imagining previous Yarn/Wire rehearsals, while “Corrections” was realized subsequent to Swanson taking “the Putney” mod synth and using it as a figurative stabbing device over at WORM Studios in Rotterdam. That track is ultimately bliss by a thousand cuts, with the two pianists (Laura Barger and Ning Yu) and percussionists (Ian Antonio and Russell Greenberg) being somewhat more merciful.

Eliminated Artist is out September 18 in vinyl and digital formats. Go here for more info, and likewise, if you’re currently unattached and thus enjoy celebrating other people’s anniversaries, acknowledge the fact that Yarn/Wire are presently in the midst of celebrating 10 (tin) years on. See the relevant, scheduled concerts here, set to extend all the way until summer 2016.

I leave you with a couple of exclusive excerpts off the upcoming album:

Eliminated Artist tracklisting:

01. Corrections
02. Eliminated Artist

• Yarn/Wire: http://yarnwire.org
• Pete Swanson: https://twitter.com/pete_swans
• Distributed Objects: http://issueprojectroom.org/distributed-objects

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