Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh: Yello return with “Toy,” first album in seven years

Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh: Yello return with "Toy," first album in seven years

In the immortal words of Yello, “ohhhhhhh yeaaaaah.” (You know what I’m talking about.) For, my dear friends, after seven years, there’s a new album from Swiss electronic band on the way. Due September 30, it’s called Toy, and you can get it as a CD/download/LP. If you dig around the internet, you might be lucky enough to find a sneak peak at video for the track “Limbo,” which, sorry mah fellow Ameeeericans, is not available to view in this country.

Yello dudes Dieter Meier and Boris Blank recorded the album at their own Yello Studio in Zurich, with guest vocals from Fifi Rong, Malia (Obama!?!?!?? Confirm or deny this, plz, White House), and Heidi Happy. The duo will be performing songs from Toy plus new-ish versions of the classic hits from their nearly four-decades-long career at Germany’s KraftwerkBerlin between October 26-30.

Toy tracklist:

01. Frautonium Intro
02. Limbo
03. 30,000 Days
04. Cold Flame
05. Kiss The Cloud
06. Pacific AM
07. Starlight Scene
08. Give You The World
09. Tool of Love
10. Dialectical Kid
11. Dark Side
12. Blue Biscuit
13. Magma
14. Frautonium

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