Yves Tumor announces Serpent Music, his first full-length album on PAN

Yves Tumor announces Serpent Music, his first full-length album on PAN
Photo: Daniel Sannwald

Turin-based musician Yves Tumor is the artistic name that Sean Bowie’s assuming these days, and his new album Serpent Music, out September 23 on PAN, follows a musical trajectory that would be hard to predict even in the event of a combined Magic 8 Ball/Mirror of Galadriel invention. (Somebody get on that, by the way)

Interestingly, Yves Tumor’s signing to PAN comes subsequent to musical relationships with Janus, Mykki Blanco, and NON WORLDWIDE, while Bowie’s previous work under the Teams name isn’t a far genre step away from the Washed Outs and Teengirl Fantasies of the world. Serpent Music, however, came about with notions of a pure “soul record” permeating the brain, and that’s certainly evident on the debut single “The Feeling When You Walk Away,” listenable below. The record as a whole was emotionally crafted without a static position, between Miami, Leipzig, Los Angeles, and Berlin over the past three years.

This has to be an interesting step for Bill Kouligas’s label as well, no?

Serpent Music tracklisting:

01. Devout
02. The Feeling When You Walk Away
03. Dajjal
04. Role In Creation
05. Serpent I
06. Serpent II
07. Broke In ft. Oxhy
08. Seed
09. Spirit In Prison
10. Cherish
11. Face of a Demon
12. Perdition

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