Yves Tumor embarks on European tour (European fans are all-like: “hell Yves!”)

Yves Tumor embarks on European tour (European fans are all-like: "hell Yves!")
Photo: Daniel Sannwald

Are you familiar with a little place called Europe? You may know it as the continent that invented democracy, structuralism, and the waffle, but I know it primarily as the place Yves Tumor is going on tour this spring.

Are you familiar with Yves Tumor? You may know him as the brilliant mind behind Serpent Music, TMT’s 11th favorite album of 2016, but now you can say you know him as an artist who’s going on tour in Europe starting this Thursday, March 23. In Berlin.

Are you familiar with Berlin? For that matter, are you familiar with all the other dates, cities, festivals, and venues Yves Tumor will be playing in Europe this year? Probably not. But we’ve helpfully compiled a list precisely for uninformed people just like you! Inform yourself by perusing it, and and buy tickets from the links provided below. (And hell, while you’re at it, re-familiarize yourself with all of Serpent Music’s “serpent-y musicality” down below too. You’re welcome.)

Yves Tumor dates:

03.23.17 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain, Säule
03.24.17 - Bristol, UK - Brunswick Club
03.25.17 - London, UK - Convergence, Electric Brixton
03.31.17 - Madrid, Spain - Electrónica en Abril
04.07.17 - Lisbon, Portugal - BoCA, Lux Frágil
04.08.17 - São Miguel, Açores, Portugal - Tremor Festival
04.20.17 - Belgrade, Serbia - Resonate Festival
04.29.17 - Krems, Austria - Donau Festival

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