Zacht Automaat announce new LP on Calico Corp., remain unaware their band name sounds like a Final Fantasy character

Zacht Automaat announce new LP on Calico Corp., remain unaware their band name sounds like a Final Fantasy character

Let’s cut the crap: what’s the best Final Fantasy game? I’m liable to say it’s Final Fantasy VI, but I still have very fond memories of Final Fantasy VII. Then again, I played Final Fantasy V for the first time a few years back, and, I have to say, the job system in that one is very rewarding. Huh, what’s that? Tiny Mix Tapes isn’t a Final Fantasy fansite? I’ve been writing here for four years, I should know that? Okay, I see your point, but I’m reading a press release for Zacht Automaat, who I am fairly certain is a Final Fantasy character. Oh, turns out they’re an avant-rock duo from Toronto? Well. That puts a damper on how the rest of this story was going to play out, namely the poll about which Final Fantasy protagonist is the dreamiest. A: Cecil Harvey.

Zacht “We Are Not a Final Fantasy Character” Automaat have put together an imposing discography, numbering 11 albums in the past three years. To wrangle this massive pool of material — much like wrangling Chocobos in the Final Fantasy VII minigame — Calico Corp. has released a self-titled double LP from the band, compiling many of the best moments from their records. The album is out now in digital format, as well as in limited-edition vinyl consisting of 333 hand-numbered copies. Check out a commercial for the record or skip all that and just listen to a stream of it on Calico Corp’s Bandcamp. If that makes you want to listen to the rest of Zacht Automaat’s records, all of them are available on their Bandcamp page for free.

Anyway, best Final Fantasy game? Let’s talk.

Zacht Automaat tracklist:

01. Ancaster Heights
02. We’re Glad You Agree
03. Don’t Worry It Will Be Fine
04. Untitled 1
05. Lost in the Peak District
06. Disturbed Ground
07. Voyage 4
08. Voyage 5
09. Voyage 6
10. Long, Long, Long
11. The Smiling Wilderness
12. A Celestial Event
13. A Trip to See McLean on Holiday pts. I, II & III
14. Room B10
15. Reprise Surprise / Brief Resolution
16. Museum Robbery Pts. II, III & IV
17. The Green Hills of Earth
18. Tim’s Vox
19. There’s Nobody Home
20. Untitled 2
21. Close the Gate
22. Untitled 3
23. Triumphant Bridge
24. Special Dinner
25. George Martin Bit
26. Malnutrition
27. For Mark Robots / A Passing Phase

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