Zaïmph (Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards) to release Rhizomatic Gaze tomorrow on Drawing Room Records, premieres full album stream TODAY

Zaïmph (Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards) to release Rhizomatic Gaze tomorrow on Drawing Room Records, premieres full album stream TODAY
Photo: Marcia Bassett

Marcia Bassett remains one of the wonders of experimental and improvisational sound. Her handiwork with Double Leopards alone justifies a lofty catbird seat, but her participation in groups (un, Hototogisu, GHQ, Zaika), in collaborations (Samara Lubelski, Carlos Giffoni, Helena Espvall, Bridget Hayden, Barry Weisblat, Helga Fassonaki, Margarida Garcia, Manuel Mota, etc., etc.), and in ensembles (Andrew Lafkas’ Alternate Models, Gen Ken’s Supergroup), should warrant that seat be a splendiferous throne indeed!

Even in the unconventional world of artful sonic and visual performance, there aren’t too many currently making the same trip as Bassett; and today, TMT brings you the exclusive premiere of her latest solo work as Zaïmph. Zaïmph’s Rhizomatic Gaze is out TOMORROW (f.k.a. November 16) on limited double LP and DL via the peerless Drawing Room Records, but you can hear this masterclass in the mind-bending mysterious in its entirety (all FOUR album sides!) below.

Zaïmph fans (Bassett hounds?) will be in heaven listening to Rhizomatic Gaze, but everyone with an ear for the fascinating should take a slice out of their day to enjoy this set of transcendental mood pieces that follow neither a course nor a drifting. And if you are down to fly down under in a hurry, the Zaïmph New Zealand tour continues tomorrow, followed by a couple of NYC shows in December (dates below tracklisting). Rhizomatic Gaze is purchasable here.

Rhizomatic Gaze tracklisting:

01. Ephemeral and the Material
02. Inside the Space
03. Removing Bits of History
04. Two in One
05. Reality of Nothingness
06. Voiceless Images
07. Shadow of NYC
08. The Stranger
09. Landscape of Memory
10. Coiled Fall
11. Mirror Box
12. Curtains

Shadow of NYC and NZ:

11.16.18 - Palmerston North, New Zealand - Snails #
11.17.18 - Wellington, New Zealand - The Pyramid Club $
11.23.18 - Christchurch, New Zealand - The Dark Room %
11.24.18 - Dunedin, New Zealand - Blue Oyster Gallery ^
11.28.18 - Auckland, New Zealand - The Wine Cellar *
12.11.18 - New York, NY - Abasement ~
12.15.18 - New York, NY - ISSUE Project Room +

# DSLB and Distance
$ Thomas Arbor and Ludus
% Teen Haters and Scythes
^ Ye and Gate
* Psychick Witch and Astrolabe
~ Andrew Lafkas and Barry Weisblat
+ ISSUE year-end party: collaboration with Shelley Hirsch, with WetWare and James Hoff

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