Zero 7 would have gotten away with new album Yeah Ghost in September, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

Fire up the Mystery Machine, or at least burn some incense in your garage, because semi-spooky ambient pop duo Zero 7 are to release their new full-length Yeah Ghost September 8 in the U.S. Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns have hatched a plot to set the clocks back to 2004, a time when you couldn’t make out unless you were listening to their Garden State soundtrack hit “In The Waiting Line.” With soul/jazz artiste Eska Mtungwazi, folkster Martha Tilston, and electro-hopper Rowdy Superstar as their hired goons, Zero 7 hope to hypnotize more fans than their Grammy-nominated, but radio-absent 2006 LP The Garden did.

Their nefarious scheme begins with the free download of “Everything UP (Zisou)” from Stereogum . The terror continues at their official website, with the arachnid- and scorpion-infested video for the song’s remix by Joker and Ginz. Finally, Zero 7 will bring the chills to British auditoriums and European music festivals in the fall.

Will the gang foil Zero 7’s plan and place leaked copies of Yeah Ghost all over the torrentsphere? Find out next episode.

Yeah Ghost tracklisting:

1. Count Me Out
2. Mr. McGee
3. Swing
4. Everything Up (Zizou)
5. Pop Art Blue
6. Medicine Man
7. Ghost sYMbOL
8. Sleeper
9. Solastalgia
10. The Road
11. All Of Us

08.07.09 - Sudwest, Portugal – Sudwest Festival
08.20.09 - Kiewit, Belgium – Pukkelpop Festival
09.04.09 - Stradbally, Ireland - Electric Picnic Festival
09.28.09 - Bristol, England - Colston Hall
09.29.09 - Oxford, England - Oxford Academy
09.30.09 - Norwich, England – University of East Anglia
10.01.09 - Manchester, England - Manchester Academy
10.03.09 - Sheffield, England - Plug
10.04.09 – Glasgow, Scotland - ABC 1
10.05.09 - Leeds, England - Leeds Academy
10.06.09 - Brighton, England - Dome
10.09.09 - London, England - Round House
10.11.09 - Preston, England - 53 Degrees
10.12.09 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Queens Hall
10.13.09 - Birmingham, England - Birmingham Town hall

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