Ziúr announces new album of “intersectional support,”ATØ on Planet Mu

Ziúr announces new album of "intersectional support,"ATØ on Planet Mu
Photo: Stefan Fahler

Despite her reticence to use the phrase, Ziúr spoke fondly of “safe spaces” (or “bubbles”) in a recent interview, so maybe it’s no surprise that the Berlin-based producer would use her second full-length on Planet Mu to celebrate WORLDWIDE inclusion.

Her new album ATØ is out November 15, and Ziúr herself describes the release as an effort “in support of all people who struggle finding a place in this world, who are having trouble being respected AND celebrated for who they are. For everyone, who is part of resisting the status quo, for all survivors, outcasts and weirdos. For people who fight for their existence, every day.” It’s a message that might be easily lost in lyric-less songs and a fleeting acknowledgement of track titles, but fortunately for the message and us potential recipients, this new one has some notable musical departures from the preceding U Feel Anything?

Perhaps most notably, Ziúr sang on multiple tracks, and even though effects processing might distort the uniform origin, words appear destined to transmit and convey a sympathy for the marginalized. Check the video for the track “I Vanish” to get a sense of what this entails, and also take note of its seemingly genre-avoiding place in the musical landscape. The vaguely pop and club influences seem present enough, but Ziúr’s probably staying true to her “challenging” inclinations with this one.

Pre-order ATØ here.

ATØ tracklisting:

01. ATØ
02. It’s Complicated
03. I Vanish
04. Fancy Handbag, Broken Zipper
05. F.O.E. (feat. Ash B)
06. Catch Me Never
07. Life Sick
08. All Lessons Unlearned (ft. Samantha Urbani)
09. Laniakea
10. Unclaim
11. Mother

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