Zola Jesus confirms Taiga album details, proves TMT’s prophecy skills inferior

Zola Jesus confirms Taiga album details, proves TMT's prophecy skills inferior

So maybe we were over-stretching it a bit with our earlier predictions on the new Zola Jesus album, but hey, we’re a music website that only sometimes dabbles in prophecy (not a prophecy website that dabbles in music news) and even Nostradamus didn’t have a 100% hit rate (Y2K anyone?).

Zola Jesus has dropped some more information about her now-definitely-forthcoming-on-October-7-via-Mute record called Taiga. We now also know that the album was recorded on Vashon Island, WA and mixed by Dean Hurley who frequently collaborates with another prominent conspiracy theorist, David Lynch.

The information is still pretty scant, so maybe not all of our previous predictions were off the mark. Zola Jesus herself hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the album being inspired by the Lykov family who lived as hermits in the Russian taiga, when she describes that Taiga “represents a feral,
untapped world that could happily exist without us. There are taiga forests in Northern Wisconsin where I was raised, and also in Russia where my ancestors are from, so it also feels very native.”

Could it possibly be that Zola Jesus is hinting at being a direct descendent of the Lykov family? Probably not.

You can download the thumping, epic lead track “Dangerous Days” by giving up an email address over at Zola Jesus’ website.

• Zola Jesus: http://www.zolajesus.com
• Mute: http://mute.com

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