Everybody’s doin’ it. The All Tomorrow’s Parties-engineered “Don’t Look Back” concert series has it as its manifesto. Sonic Youth jumped into the fray large-style this year by playing Daydream Nation all over the place. Everyone relives their past glories at some point and everyone comes back in style (usually for a buck or two), so it should come as no surprise that legendary 1960s combo The Zombies will be playing two shows next year in London. I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah. So?” Well, what if I was to tell you that these shows, although ridiculously future-dated, are a two-night residency at Shepherds Bush Empire during which the band will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of its masterwork Odessey and Oracle by playing the album in its entirety? Did you just say, “Yeah. So?” You little $#!%s!

Well, I’m sure some octogenarians out there care. According to Colin Blunstone’s site, the band will kowtow to popular demand and give keen trainspotters and fans alike the old “play your album and play it in its entirety in proper running order without any tricks” routine. The band’s members have resisted to scratch that reunion itch up until now, having instead concentrated on their other projects since The Zombies’ heyday (golden-voiced singer Blunstone has enjoyed a long-running solo career and keyboardist Rod Argent had some sporadic success with his self-named band Argent, mostly with the huge hit “Hold Your Head Up”). As for the other Zombies, I’m not sure what they have been up to. Possibly living off the royalties of “Time of the Season,” “Tell Her No,” and “She’s Not There”? No matter. All living Zombies will reunite for two nights to play the classic album as well as other Zombies songs and some solo material.

Zombies dates:
03.07.08 - London, England - Shepherds Bush Empire
03.07.08 - London, England - Shepherds Bush Empire

A group who has already been there/done that as far as the reunion thing goes is Os Mutantes. The Brazilian psychedeli-tropicalista legends will release a double CD and DVD of their back-to-life, back-to-reality performance in London last year on November 13 through Luaka Bop. Here is the Live at Barbican Theatre tracklisting:

Disc 1:

1. Don Quixote
2. Caminhante Noturno
3. Ave Gengis Khan
4. Tecnicolor
5. Virginia
6. Cantor de mambo
7. El Justiciero
8. Baby
9. I'm Sorry Baby
10. Top Top
11. Dia 36

Disc 2:

1. Fuga Nâ II
2. Le Premier Bonheur du Jour
3. Dois Mil e Um
4. Ave Lucifer
5. Balada do Louco
6. I Feel a Little Space Out
7. A Hora e a Vez do Cabelo Nascer
8. A Minha Menina
9. Bat Macumba
10. Panis et Circenses

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