Zu Re-Releases 2005 LP, Reminisces About the Mid-Aughts Glory Days

Zu Re-Releases 2005 LP, Reminisces About the Mid-Aughts Glory Days

Welcome to the soulless wasteland of 2010! In this uncertain new decade, we have only fear and despair and tears to look forward to. Not like the glory days of the mid-2000s, no sir. During those beautiful days, we never ever had to worry about anything, and joy flowed like chocolate from Willy Wonka’s wonderful factory. If only we knew then that the days of 2005 were the happiest we would ever have.

Sadly, we cannot go back to these carefree times. Avant-jazz trio Zu thinks otherwise, though. Even though scores of folks really loved Carboniferous, the group’s 2009 release, Zu still longs for the sweet embrace of 2005. They long so deeply, in fact, that they’re firing up the Team Zu wayback machine to retrieve their 2005 release, The Way of the Animal Powers (TMT Review). You see, the album has been stuck in time (e.g. out of print, as original label Xeng has since gone under) for the last few years. With the help of Baltimore-based label Public Guilt, the record will finally become unstuck (e.g. given its first official release in the US, as well as its first release on vinyl). Zu, Public Guilt, and a team of the nation’s top scientists will gather on March 16 to perform the delicate operation, which will ultimately result in the record appearing across the country’s various music vendors the same day.

• Zu: http://www.myspace.com/zuband
• Public Guilt: http://www.publicguilt.com

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