Chocolate Grinder Mix 68
You Did This To Me

Flicking off Mama Jazz, my pop slides in his Krupa and Rich tape, and I’m hiding Nevermind in my pocket, which I undoubtedly stole from Keith. So, from my first worn tapes and scratched CD, I moved on to CD-R mixes via Napster, then organizing SoulSeek files on a 2GB MP3 player, OiNK got porked, I’m still barely holding onto my third What.CD account, and now I’m this fucking guy listening to 32GB of music off my phone either at my desk or driving home. And 32GB is NOT enough space, ya feel me. Thus, I’ve developed two specifics in listening: (1) consume music as quickly as I get bored with it, and (2) only enjoy parts of music. Parts of music can be an entire album, half an album, track or EP, etc. I mean, I listen to a lot of long burner tracks/release, so anticipating or enjoy parts is almost necessary for my own personal, um… CLIMAX. Thus, this mix was a pleasure to make, and becoming C Monster has been quite a candy for my ears. Thanks forever. Beyond that, Tiny Mix Tapes influenced my tastes for years before C Monster. As a fan, here are some of my favorites we wrote this year: “More chaotic, more whimsical, even clownish,” “And it’s fucking weird,” “isn’t that just SO WEEN? LOL??,” “What should I do?,” “‘I’m not a hipster, am I?’,” “An ideal backdrop to antediluvian tales,” “Balanced restraint to abrasive recklessness,” “He exits censorship by responding to it,” and “Tropical or exotic…?.” ALSO: “Soaked with humid condensation,” “He violates what has come to be expected… of noise,” “The lamp next to my desk turns off,” “There’s no passion,” “May be more than your tiny computer speakers can take,” “Somewhere between valorization and critique,” “How did we get this point where music lost its spirit?,” “The ghost is the shell,” “And records that sound like a fireplace,” “Takes chiptune into a very blissed-out drone heaven,” “Something that has to be experienced first hand,” “It’s definitely not a gimmick,” and “But who the fuck cares?.” If I left you out, I’ll probz just add you in this section as I catch up on reading during break. Also, I hate music. Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here. [00:00] Lost Trail - “Out Here, Part II (Houses In The Wasteland)” [04:28] Bee Mask - “The Story of Keys and Locks” [excerpt] [04:30] John Butcher - “Padded Shadows” [excerpt] [05:17] Bee Mask - “Pink Drinq” [excerpt] [06:05] Nhk’koyxen - “611” [excerpt] [06:15] Paisley Parks - “Q” [07:58] Gobby feat. Mykki Blanco - “Riot” (Juke Edit) [10:20] Lil B - Deals Whoodie (Void Screw) [10:40] Nicki Minaj - “[Dick in your Face]” (Ad Nauseum) [11:17] Rick Ross - “[Rich Forever Interview]” [11:39] Kool Keith - “Nice Nasty” [15:18] Demdike Stare & Billy Green – “Toadstrip” [intro] [16:18] Mac DeMarco - “European Vegas” [18:55] Rick Ross - “Huh” [18:56] Dean Blunt - “[Narcissist II Encore]” [20:12] Heat Wave - “RYTES” (repeat) [20:25] Blank Realm - “The Crackle Part 1” (Chewed Up) [20:33] Actress - “Holy Water” (Spit Out) [20:37] High Wolf - “MLK” [excerpt] [23:09] Transmuteo - “Sequence Two” (And I Quote) [23:11] Angels in America - “Tooth Hound Sand” [24:54] Dolphins into the Future - “Levante” [25:04] Lil B - “Very Rare Interview”

Lost Animal
“Say No To Thugs”

What the hell happened here? There is something strange about the murder-mystery visuals of this video set to the bedhead soul of Jarrod Quarrell’s Lost Animal project. It’s like all of those slow-motion, cinematic war scenes juxtaposed with soft classical music: each draws the opposite emotion out of the other. So, when those piano chords and tropical percussion shake out as the dead man on the couch is shoved into that huge bag used for holding bedding and left to rot in the woods, the song (seemingly about piecing together some kind of broken relationship) takes on a distinctly shadowy quality, as the scenes of overgrown forests, empty beaches, and some kind of modeling studio afterlife are presented in bright daylight. It’s all unexpected, and the same could be said about Lost Animal’s Ex Tropical, tossing a number of island-vibe styles against Quarrell’s tired take on soul. The result is certainly something close to what I would think of ex-tropical, like a man who has known sunlight, warmth, and happiness, and has never stopped seeking to re-obtain it. Ex Tropical was released on Sensory in Australia, and will see its US release January 29 on Seattle’s Hardly Art. • Lost Animal: • Hardly Art: • Sensory:

Molly Soda [EP]

In a 2002 interview with Olga Sladeckova for Pennyblackmusic about the formation of The Jesus and Mary Chain, William Reid stated, “It was perfect timing because there weren’t any guitar bands. Everybody was making this electronic pop music.” Decades later, we seem to be facing the same conundrum. But, whoever told you all of this dreamy, gazey, electro-pop had to be all light and soft and airy has never listened to San Francisco’s DSTVV. Loud and distorted without sacrificing any of the sheen, DSTVV’s Molly Soda EP is a real rude awakening for all of this dream-pop nonsense. Wake up! Your cotton-cloud, powder-blue sky is falling. Stream the entire Molly Soda EP below and buy the tape from Teen Witch. Give me the psycho. You can keep the candy. • DSTVV: • Teen Witch:

Rob Magill

Mmm, that “found” sound intro to sampled orchestra revealing oblivion deserted savage folk. Raw and bare knuckles pleasantly brush metal strings and post-blues moaning tales of what self and comfort mean. Robert Magill is at it again with DREAM INSIDE YOUR CANYONS on Deep Tapes, y’all. So fresh and to the point. Coming down off his earlier 2012 album DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO RECENTLY LIVED, Robert is now tossing out his newest works From The Year 1842 to the luckiest label to snag it. And if his little licks on guitar don’t persuade your ear, his sax is something to breathe to, aside from a little tapping and spastic dancing. But, when it comes down to it, Robert Magill got the voice of a man. Of humanity. Of a brother who has coated his throat in honey whiskey since he was 7 or 8 or 9 and grew into the most noon-o’clock-shadowed cherub singer this side of the West Coast. Err, I’m on the East Coast. I meant his coast. And the coast is all clear! Right? So, check out his freshest three tracks on DREAM INSIDE YOUR CANYONS, and keep your eyes peeled for his newest material in the months to come. • Robert Magill: • Deep Tapes:

Hot Chip
“Don’t Deny Your Heart”

You know those Sims music videos that are all over YouTube? The new Hot Chip video for “Don’t Deny Your Heart” is like that, except a lot weirder. Watch as the band gathers on the tour bus to play a FIFA-style soccer — I’m sorry, FOOTBALL — video game. At first, things seem normal enough, or at least as normal as any game with smooshed-faced characters could possibly be. But then things erupt into a giant ball of, ahem, “brotherly” love. The results are hilarious and very uncanny valley-ish — although the best part of the clip has got to be the cheeky commentary, as well as the band’s reactions to the absurd spectacle. • Hot Chip: • Domino:

Pick Your Own Poison

Everybody’s getting younger and it’s incredibly annoying. This guy’s 20, this guy’s 18, and this guy’s 15, which is just insulting. Nevertheless, Soulection have found more precocious talent for the pile with their 21st release. Waldo is 20 and proves his versatility over an eclectic buncha beats courtesy of Sango. From the man himself:
Honestly, Pick Your Own Poison is about finding your lane in life. Whether if the lane you choose to pursue is right or wrong it’s still the poison you chose. It’s also about my life and the poison I chose.
• Waldo: • Sango: • Soulection:

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