Soundtrack to a Breakfast Sandwich

Ain’t nothin better than a loaded English muff to start your day.

01. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - “The Opposite of Afternoon” (II)
02. Bombay Bicycle Club - “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” (A Different Kind of Fix)
03. Darwin Deez - “Up in the Clouds” (Darwin Deez)
04. Youth Lagoon - “Daydream” (The Year of Hibernation)
05. Washed Out - “It All Feels Right” (Paracosm)
06. Angel Olsen - “Some things Cosmic” (Strange Cacti)

I lost my job at a college radio station because people were uncomfortable around me

01. Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet - “Abuse” (The Abyss)
02. The Body - “The Night Knows No Dawn” (I Shall Die Here)
03. Codeine - “Wird” (The White Birch)
04. Neil Young and Crazy Horse - “Fuckin’ Up” (Ragged Glory)
05. Fugazi - “Cashout” (The Argument)
06. Guided By Voices - “Demons Are Real” (Bee Thousand)
07. Merchandise - “I’ll Be Gone” (Totale Nite)
08. Darkside - “Freak, Go Home” (Psychic)
09. Mewlips - “Hulk Hogan’s Shirt” (ETERNAL DINGUS LIFESTYLE, VOL. 1)
10. Pharmakon - “Bestial Burden” (Bestial Burden)

Tunes to trim my pubes to

From the hopeful optimism of Aesop’s “Racing Stripes” to the anxiety of Andrew Bird’s cover, this mixtape should cover the full emotional range of trimming one’s nether-regions. However, Bon Iver leaves it on a bittersweet note, to reflect on oneself: “What might have been lost?”

01. Aesop Rock - “Racing Stripes” (Skelethon)
02. Milo - “Almost Cut My Hair (For Crosby)” (Things that Happen at Day/Things that Happen at Night)
03. John Martyn - “Big Muff” (One World)
04. Future Islands - “Back in the Tall Grass” (Singles)
05. Explosions in the Sky - “Trembling Hands” (Take Care, Take Care, Take Care)
06. Jens Lekman - “Shirin” (Night Falls over Kortedala)
07. Andrew Bird “Trimmed + Burning” (Fingerlings)
08. The Knife - “Hangin’ Out” (Deep Cuts)
09. Deerhoof - “Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III” (Breakup Song)
10. Radiohead - “Everything in it’s Right Place” (Kid A)
11. Bon Iver - “The Wolves (Act I and II)” (For Emma, Forever)

Love Songs

01. Joyce Manor - “Falling In Love Again” (Never Hungover Again)
02. New Order - “Temptation (7”)” (Single)
03. Jens Lekman - “Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig” (Night Falls Over Kortedala)
04. Bob Dylan - “Sara” (Desire)
05. Sharon Van Etten - “Our Love” (Are We There)
06. Blur - “Good Song” (Think Tank)
07. TV On The Radio - “Province” (Return To Cookie Mountain)
08. My Bloody Valentine - “To Here Knows When” (Loveless)
09. Cocteau Twins - “Cherry Coloured Funk” (Heaven Or Las Vegas)
10. Wolf Parade - “This Heart’s On Fire” (Apologies To The Queen Mary)
11. R. Stevie Moore - “Love Is The Way To My Heart” (Nevertheless Optimistic)

Back to making mixtapes? Back to hopelessly asking for one every week.

01. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - “Impossible Request” (Only Run)
02. Tha Alkaholiks - “Can’t Tell Me Shit” (Bar Tab 2)
03. Lords of the Underground - “To Love Me” (House of Lords)
04. Cloud Cult - “Love & the First Law of Thermodynamics” (Love)
05. Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s - “I Don’t” (Tell Me More About Evil)
06. Big Sean - “First Chain” (Hall of Fame)
07. Kendrick Lamar - “i” (i)
08. The Walkmen - “No One Ever Sleeps” (Heaven)
09. Outlaws - “Perfect Timing” (Perfect Timing)

Disco sucks and so does war


01. Pangea - “Shitty” (Living Dummy)
02. The Black Keys - “Hurt Like Mine” (Thickfreakness)
03. Ty Segall & White Fence - “Scissor People” (Hair)
04. Chain & The Gang - “If I Only Had A Brain” (In Cool Blood)
05. The Taxidermists - “Good Thyme” (Pool Party)
06. Iggy & The Stooges - “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (The Stooges)
07. Jefferson Airplane - “Uncle Sam Blues” (The Woodstock Experience)
08. King Crimson - “21st Century Schizoid Man” (In the Court of the Crimson King)
09. The Ramones - “Beat on the Brat” (Ramones)
10. Wingnut Dishwashers Unit - “Fuck Shit Up” (Burn the Earth!)

Free Your Mind

01. Jens Bjørnebo - “Intervju” (NRK Skolefjernsyn 1970)
02. Benjamin Finger - “Misbehaviour of ghosts” (Unreleased)
03. Snasen - “Sober Lunch” (Sellout!Music)
04. Supersilent - “10.8” (Rune Grammofon)
05. Phonophani - “Duration” - Happiness (Biophon Records)
06. Lars Myrvoll - “Departure” (Safe As Milk)
07. Kassett - “Eva Jacobsen 3 år” (Privat)
08. André Borgen - “Airlock Express” (Metronomicon Audio)
09. Benjamin Finger - “Melanphony Waltz” (Unreleased)
10. Jens Bjørnebo - “Intervju “(NRK Skolefjernsyn 1970)
11. Arve Henriksen - “Recording Angel” (Rune Grammofon)
12. Johnny Askim - “For Benjamin” (TBR)
13. TCF - “03 - 54 C6 05 1C 13 CC 72 E9 CC DC 84 F2 A3 FF CC 38 1E 94 0D C0” (Liberation Technologies)
14. Happy Tosh - “Fly In A Matchbox” (Unknown)
15. Benjamin Finger - “Kiddie Ninja Weekend” (Sellout!Music)
16. Alog - “Steady jogging of the heart” (Rune Grammofon)
17. Noxagt - “Walls End” (Young Aspiring Professionals)
18. Arabrot - “Mænads” (Fysisk Format)
19. Benjamin Finger - “Euphoric Head” (Unreleased)
20. Jens Bjørnebo - “Intervju” (NRK Skolefjernsyn 1970)

Roommate left the dishes in the sink again, so I’m gonna blast this shit to get back at her

A lot of these are only on SoundCloud or YouTube, but they are worth it — I promise.

01. Spinee - “Pretty Green”
02. Boredoms - “star” (Vision Creation Newsun)
03. Various Artists - “The Moon And The Prince” (Katamari Damacy Soundtrack)
04. Ke$ha - “Stephen (A. G. Cook Edit)
05. Young Thug - “Ain’t Trippin feat. Rich Homie Quan)
06. Sicko Mobb - “Rolling Stone” (Super Saiyan Vol. 2)
07. Das Racist - “Amazing” (Sit Down, Man)
08. Cap’n Jazz - “Take On Me” (Analphabetapolothology)
09. Baths - “Maximalist” (Cerulean)
10. SOPHIE - “Nothing More To Say”

I’m suffering from bad anxiety and feel like nothing else matters, especially my existence

01. Damon Albarn - “You & I” (Everyday Robots)
02. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Multi-Love” (Multi-Love)
03. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Higgs Boson Blues” (Push the Sky Away)
04. Mac DeMarco – “Ode to Viceroy” (2)
05. Beck – “Unforgiven” (Morning Phase)
06. Albert Hammond, Jr – “Spooky Couch” (¿Cómo Te Llama?)
07. Aphex Twin – “Diskhat All Prepared1mixed 13” (Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2)
08. The National – “Apartment Story” (Boxer)
09. Neutral Milk Hotel – “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)
10. St. Vincent - “Prince Johnny” (St. Vincent)
11. Real Estate – “How Might I Live” (Atlas)
12. The War on Drugs – “Eyes to the Wind” (Lost in the Dream)
13. The Antlers – “Hotel” (Familiars)
14. Portugal. The Man – “Sleep Forever” (In The Mountain In The Cloud)

Songs that Name Check/List A Mighty Host of Geographical Locations

We are influenced in our moods and emotions more than we like to acknowledge by the places we frequent, by their design or lighting. Then again, perception of spaces and places visited is also colored by how we feel at that given moment.

01. Modern Lovers - “Roadrunner (Thrice)” (The Morning Of Our Lives)
02. Jacques Dutronc - “Il Est Cinq Heures, Paris S’Eveille” (En Vogue)
03. Jeffrey Lewis - “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror” (City and Eastern Songs)
04. Shabazz Palaces - “#CAKE” (Lese Majesty)
05. Amadou & Mariam - “La Paix” (Dimanche À Bamako)
06. Jacques Brel - “La Chanson de Jacky” (Amsterdam: The Best of Jacques Brel Disc 2)
07. Serengeti - “Directions” (Kenny Dennis LP)
08. Sun Kil Moon - “Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes” (Benji)
09. Don Cherry - “Degi-Degi” (Brown Rice)
10. The Clash - “Spanish Bombs” (London Calling)
11. Beach Boys - “California Girls” (Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!))


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