Darkness visible, doleful shades

01. Damien Dubrovnik – “Vegas Fountain” (Selt Titled)
02. Prurient – “Christ Among The Broken Glass” (Frozen Niagara Falls)
03. Dubravko Detoni – “Phonomorphia 1” (Jugoslav AvanGarde Music: Graphies I.II.III / Phonomorphia 1.2.3)
04. Raime – “Soil and Colts” (Quarter Turns Over A Living Line)
05. Henry Krutzen “L’Alpiniste” (Silance)
06. Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet “Because the Night” (Air Supply)
07. When – “The Black Death” (Selt Titled)
08. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – “High-Tech-Tuberkulose” (Was Ist Das, Die Realitat?)
09. Iancu Dumitrescu – “Pierres Sacrées” (Pierres Sacrées / Hazard and Tectonics)
10. Mohammad – “Samarina” (Zo Rèl Do)
11. Mihâly Vig – “Turin Horse” (The Turin Horse OST)
12. White Chamber – “Always Towards The Light” (One)
13. Demetrio Stratos – “Passaggi 1,2” (Cantare la Voce)
14. Samuel Beckett – “Not I” (Monologue)

If it makes you giggle, buy it

01. Broadcast - “Before We Begin” (Haha Sound)
02. Devin Townsend - “Material” (Physicist)
03. Cardiacs - “Fairy Mary Mag” (Sing To God)
04. David Bowie - “Always Crashing In The Same Car” (Low)
05. Skinny Puppy - “Glass Houses” (Remission)
06. Shining - “Stalemate Longan Runner” (Grindstone)
07. Os Mutantes - “O Relogio” (Os Mutantes)
08. Paavoharju - “Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Lapi” (Yha Hamaraa)
09. Björk - “All Neon Like” (Homogenic)
10. Foetus - “Don’t Want Me Anymore” (Love)
11. Xiu Xiu - “Dr. Troll” (Knife Play)
12. Alice Cooper - “Hello Hooray” (Billion Dollar Babies)
13. James Ferraro - “Dollhouse Frotteur” (Night Dolls With Hairspray)
14. The United States Of America - “Love Song For The Dead Che” (The United States Of America)
15. Death In June - “Hollows Of Devotion” (But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?)
16. Emperor - “The Wanderer” (Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk)

Music to abandon personal goals to

So here you are.

After several unfruitful, chaotic years of University studies that eventually led you to nowhere… you’re alone in a messy living room, sitting on the floor. Looking outside the tiny window, you can see a pale, cloudy sky. You’re not happy, and you’re not sad. Just enjoying the stillness of unemployement. Fuck tomorrow, and let’s try and appreciate every taste of this dull afternoon.

01. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - “Sad Waters” (Your Funeral… My Trial)
02. The Psychedelic Furs - “Pretty In Pink” (Talk Talk Talk)
03. Menomena - “E Is Stable” (I Am The Fun Blame Monster)
04. Grandaddy - “Everything Beautiful Is Far Away” (Under THe Western Freeway)
05. Ween - “Back To Bosom” (White Pepper)
06. Todd Rundgren - “Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel” (A Wizard, A True Star)
07. Death In June - “13 Years Of Carrion” (Rose Clouds Of Holocaust)
08. Mercury Rev - “Opus 40” (Deserter’s Songs)
09. The Velvet Underground - “Candy Says” (The Velvet Underground)
10. The Smiths - “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” (Hatful Of Hollow)
11. Xiu Xiu - “Suha” (Knife Play)
12. The Old Dead True - “But What Else Could’ve We Said?” (The Perpetual Motion)
13. Machine Head - “The Burning Red” (The Burning Red)
14. Gil Scott-Heron - “Pieces Of A Man” (Pieces Of A Man)
15. Nine Inch Nails - “A Warm Place” (The Downward Spiral)
16. Hum - “I Hate It Too” (You’d Prefer An Astronaut)
17. Death In June - “Daedalus Rising” (But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?)
18. Hüsker Dü - “New Day Rising” (New Day Rising)

Classic rock songs that you need to listen to before you die

01. Chuck Berry - “Maybelline” (Chuck Berry Is On Top)
02. Steely Dan - “Black Cow” (Aja)
03. The Beatles - “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” (Abbey Road)
04. Bob Dylan - “Meet Me In The Morning” (Blood On The Tracks)
05. Heart - “Bebe Le Strange” (Bebe Le Strange)
06. Black Sabbath - “A National Acrobat” (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)
07. David Bowie - “Black Country Rock” (The Man Who Sold The World)
08. 10cc - “I’m Mandy Fly Me” (How Dare You)
09. Fleetwood Mac - “Landslide” (Fleetwood Mac)
10. Boston - “Foreplay/Long Time” (Boston)
11. Pink Floyd - “Any Colour You Like” (Dark Side Of The Moon)

Caveman Songs

Aren’t we all cavemen?

01. Cro-Magnon - “Caledonia” (Cave Rock)
02. Daisuke Tobari - “Track 07” (Till The End Of The Dream)
03. The Dead C - “Bitcher” (Vain, Erudite, And Stupid)
04. The Naked And The Dead - “Carousel” (Killed By Death Rock Vol. 1)
05. NASA Space Universe - “$” (EGM)
06. Hunting Lodge - “Energyguide” (Hear The Roar Of The Mountains Volume 2)
07. Les Rallizes Denudes - “People Can Choose” (Heavier Than A Death In The Family)
08. Madame Edwarda - “Ferris Wheel” (Illumine)
09. Macula Dog - “Toad” (Macula Dog)
10. Lord Melody - “Booboo Man” (Calypso Awakening)

Ritalin, wine, and a broken heart: Need some classic rock/shoegaze/new wave/postpunk to take me away.


01. Nico - “These Days” (Chelsea Girl)
02. David Bowie - “Modern Love” (Let’s Dance)
03. The Delmontes - “So It’s Not To Be” (Carousel)
04. Incense - “Flow” (Meteorites)
05. Connan Mockasin - “Faking Jazz Together” (Forever Dolphin Love)
06.All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - “Nice Soup” (All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors)
07. Cocteau Twins - “Ella Megablast Burls Forever” (Blue Bell Knoll)
08. Siouxsie And The Banshees - “Into The Light” (Juju)
09. Handsome Furs - “Nyet Spasiba” (Face Control)
10. Gary Numan - M.E. (The Pleasure Principal)
11. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - “Golden Waves” (Sea When Absent)

God, I wish it was summer

A little bit of everything: songs that make me want to skip down the street or cruise thru town with my windows down.

01. Connie Francis - “Vacation” (Gold)
02. The Coasters - “I Must Be Dreamin’” (The Coasters)
03. Bleached - “Electric Chair” (Searching Through The Past b/w Electric Chair)
04. Lio - “Le Banana Split” (Lio)
05. King Geedorah - “Fastlane” (Take Me to Your Leader)
06. Lone - “2 Is 8” (Reality Testing)
07. Farah - “Dancing Girls - Suite 304 Demo” (After Dark)
08. Eurythmics - “Love Is a Stranger” (Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This))
09. Prince - “Dirty Mind” (Dirty Mind)
10. The Puppini Sisters - “Walk Like an Egyptian” (The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo)
11. Hercules & Love Affair - “Hercules Theme” (Hercules & Love Affair)
12. Low Sea - “Never Yours” (Las Olas)
13. Tamaryn - “Love Fade” (The Waves)
14. Duran Duran - “Last Chance on the Stairway” (Rio)
15. Talking Heads - “I Zimbra” (Fear of Music)
16. The Sandwitches - “Summer of Love” (Mrs. Jones’ Cookies)
17. Dick Dale and His Del-Tones - “Misirlou” (Surfers’ Choice)
18. Micachu - “Curly Teeth” (Jewellery)
19. Colleen Green - “You’re So Cool” (Sock It to Me)
20. Chelsea Wolfe - “Fight Like Wolves” (Sing Songs Together…)
21. Orbital - “Halcyon And On And On” (Orbital 2)

Lifeguards in love

01. Mitch Murder- Beach Interlude (Burning Chrome)
02. Rebolledo y Daniel Maloso- Venganza y Seduccion (Rexperience No.2)
03. Howard Jones- New Song (Human’s Lib)
04. Arthur Russell- Let’s Go Swimming (World of Echo)
05. Toro y Moi- Talamak (Causers of This)
06. Lust for Youth- After Touch (International)
07. Dwight Twilley Band- Looking for the Magic (Twilley Don’t Mind)
08. Glass Candy- Digital Versicolor (B/E/A/T/B/O/X)
09. Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland- 2 (Black is Beautiful)
10. The dB’s- Black and White (Stands for Decibels)
11. Gerry Rafferty- Right Down the Line (City to City)
12. The Floaters- Float On (Pure Slow Jams)
13. Roxy Music- More Than This (Roxy Music Collection)
14. Anna Domino- Land of My Dreams (East and West)
15. Dusty Springfield- In the Land of Make Believe (Dusty in Memphis)

I am trying to express my love for buildings

Ah buildings, do they house our dreams…

01. Sufjan Stevens - “The Seer’s Tower” (Come on Feel the Illinoise)
02. Love - “A House is Not a Motel” (Forever Changes)
03. John Vanderslice - “The Tower” (Emerald City)
04. Guided By Voices - “Big Chief Chinese Restaurant” (Alien Lanes)
05. Destroyer - “School, and the Girls Who Go There” (City of Daughters)
06. Dismemberment Plan - “The City” (Emergency & I)
07. Talking Heads - “Burning Down the House” (Speaking in Tongues)
08. The Microphones - “The Mansion” (The Glow Pt. 2)
09. Mountain Goats - “Lakeside View Apartments Suite” (Transcendental Youth)
10. Modern Lovers - “Hospital” (The Modern Lovers)

Other People Make Me Nervous

01. Jay Reatard - “Don’t Let Him Come Back” (Singles 06-07)
02. Gorillaz - “Rockit” (D-Sides)
03. My Bloody Valentine - “Drive It All Over Me” (You Made Me Realise)
04. Speedy Ortiz - “Plough” (Major Arcana)
05. Joanna Gruesome - “Madison” (Weird Sister)
06. Liars - “No Barrier Fun” (Sisterworld)
07. John Maus - “The Fear” (A Collection of Rarities And Previously Unreleased Material)
08. Menomena - “Wet And Rusting” (Friend And Foe)
09. Angel Olsen - “Windows” (Burn Your Fire For No Witness)
10. Galaxie 500 - “King Of Spain” (Today)
11. The Velvet Underground - “After Hours” (The Velvet Underground)

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