Sad you’re gone. Thanks for being the best dog-friend anyone could ask for!

01. Dean Blunt - “All Dogs Go To Heaven” (The Redeemer)
02. Deerhunter - “Strange Lights” (Cryptograms)
03. Shannon & The Clams - “Ozma” (Dreams In The Rat House)
04. Animal Collective - “Derek” (Strawberry Jam)
05. The Field - “A Paw In My Face” (From Here We Go Sublime)
06. Gold Panda - “You” (Lucky Shiner)
07. John Talabot - “Missing You” (Fin)
08. Flying Lotus - “Galaxy In Janaki” (Cosmogramma)

Queer songs about perversion and depression

I’ve recently become piercingly aware of how monumentally destructive AIDS was/is upon the LGBT community, so listening to “queer songs about perversion and depression” has been my MO for a while now. It does get better. In the meantime, though, here’s a soundtrack with which you can wallow. (FYI, I took “queer songs” to mean songs that resonate with me specifically because I’m gay, not necessarily songs that are explicitly gay. Also, be forewarned: Angel Haze’s freestyle on “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” is fucking INTENSE.)

01. Hercules & Love Affair – “Blind” (Hercules & Love Affair)
02. Perfume Genius – “Hood” (Put Your Back N 2 It)
03. Baths – “Incompatible” (Obsidian)
04. Zola Jesus – “In Your Nature” (Conatus)
05. Diamond Rings – “It’s Not My Party” (Special Affections)
06. Light Asylum – “Dark Allies” (In Tension – EP)
07. Angel Haze – “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” (Classick)
08. Perfume Genius – “Grid” (Too Bright)
09. Austra – “The Choke” (Feel It Break)
10. Trust – “Sulk” (TRST)
11. Cabaret Voltaire – “In the Shadows” (The Crackdown)
12. Perfume Genius – “Mr. Petersen” (Learning)
13. Crystal Castles – “Transgender” (III)
14. Burial – “Near Dark” (Untrue)
15. Elite Gymnastics – “h e r e, i n h e a v e n 2” (RUIN)
16. Angel Haze – “Angels & Airwaves” (Dirty Gold)
17. Frank Ocean – “Bad Religion” (channel ORANGE)
18. Baths – “No Eyes” (Obsidian)
19. Trust – “Candy Walls” (TRST)
20. Perfume Genius – “Longpig” (Too Bright)
21. Austra – “The Noise” (Feel It Break)
22. Antony & the Johnsons – “Hope There’s Someone” (I Am a Bird Now)
23. Lykke Li – “Just Like a Dream” (I Never Learn)
24. The Knife – “Still Light” (Silent Shout)
25. Perfume Genius – “17” (Put Your Back N 2 It)
26. Holy Other – “Held” (Held)
27. Tracy Chapman – “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman)
28. Hercules & Love Affair – “Iris” (Hercules & Love Affair)

Songs that make you want to rip your heart out

01. Los Campesinos! - “Miserabilia” (We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed)
02. Beck - “Heartland Feeling” (Golden Feeling)
03. Molly Nilsson - “Whiskey Sour” (These Things Take Time)
04. Majical Cloudz - “Childhood’s End” (Impersonator)
05. Caribou - “Jacknuggeted” (Up In Flames)
06. Posse - “Shut Up” (Soft Opening)
07. Elliott Smith - “Everything Means Nothing To Me” (Figure 8)
08. Wolf Parade - “Yulia” (Expo 86)
09. Lou Reed - “Street Hassle” (Street Hassle)

Nothing matters, I just want to feel OK

I’m gonna love you more than anyone…

01. Burial - “Come Down to Us” (Rival Dealer)
02. Low - “Shame” (Long Division)
03. Vashti Bunyan - “If I Were” (Lookaftering)
04. Northern Picture Library - “Into the Ether” (Alaska)
05. The Dead Texan - “The Struggle” (The Dead Texan)
06. Alice Coltrane - “Jagadishwar” (Turiya Sings)
07. Brian Eno - “Drift” (Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks)
08. Les Rallizes Denudes - “朝の光 L’Aube” (Mizutani)
09. Nico - “Afraid” (Desertshore)
10. Aaliyah - “Enough Said feat. Drake”

Soundtrack to Homesickness

AOL keywords: nostalgia, “used to,” distance, growing up, piano, “go back,” noises heard at night, memories

(Hope you dig it!)

01. Aphex Twin - “Nannou2” (Drukqs)
02. Devendra Banhart - “I Remember” (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon)
03. That Dog - “Paid Programming” (That Dog)
04. The Postal Service - “Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Flaming Lips cover)” (The District Sleeps Alone Tonight)
05. Nosaj Thing - “Distance” (Home)
06. Arcade Fire - “Half Light I” (The Suburbs)
07. Giant Drag - “Swan Song” (Swan Song)
08. Pavement - “Gold Soundz” (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)
09. Beck - “New Round” (The Information)
10. Yo La Tengo - “I Feel Like Going Home” (I Am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass)
11. Jon Hopkins - “Small Memory” (Insides)

Driving for days toward the person you’ve been missing like crazy for months

01. alt-J - “Warm Foothills” (This Is All Yours)
02. Grizzly Bear - “All We Ask” (Veckatimest)
03. Bon Iver - “Towers” (Bon Iver)
04. Deerhunter - “Sailing” (Halcyon Digest)
05. The National - “Racing Like a Pro” (Boxer)
06. Fleet Foxes - “Blue Ridge Mountains” (Fleet Foxes)
07. Spoon - “I Summon You” (Gimme Fiction)
08. Beach House - “10 Mile Stereo” (Teen Dream)
09. Vampire Weekend - “Worship You” (Modern Vampires of the City)
10. Sufjan Stevens - “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!” (Illinois)
11. Arcade Fire - “Supersymmetry” (Reflektor)

I don’t know how to say hi

So you need to know how to say “Hi”? We’ve got you covered, no matter what language!

01. Lionel Richie - “Hello” (Can’t Slow Down)
02. Outkast - “Hey Ya!” (Speakerboxx/The Love Below)

03. Robyn - “Konichiwa Bitches” (Robyn)

04. SAM - “Hallo!?” (Two True Brothers)

05. The Rosso Sisters - “Hola Hola” (Hola Hola EP)

06. Basshunter - “Russia Privjet” (Now You’re Gone - The Album)

07. Paige O’Hara and Richard White - “Belle” (Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

08. Nu’Est - “Hello (여보세요)” (Re:Birth)

09. 王大文/Dawen - “你好/Hello” (你好)

10. Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwoʻole - “Hawai’i Aloha” (Iz in Concert: The Man and His Music)

Songs to Grave-Rob to

01. Predator - “The Day and Night” (The Complete Earth)
02. Toto & The Bad Eggs - “Dead School Girl” (Wallet Droppin’ EP)
03. Protomartyr - “Scum, Rise!” (Under Color of Official Right)
04. Coheed & Cambria - “Once Upon Your Dead Body” (Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness)
05. The Gooeys - “Lay Down and Die” (Scary Black Cherry Nap)
06. Crosss - “Bones Brigade” (Obsidian Spectre)
07. Iska Dhaaf - “Moonless Night” (Even the Sun Will Burn)
08. The Misfits - “Dig Up Her Bones” (American Psycho)
09. Murder By Death - “Dead Men and Sinners” (In Bocca Al Lupo)
10. Oranger - “Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs” (New Comes and Goes)
11. Black Lips - “Dirty Hands” (Let it Bloom)
12. The Jesus and Mary Chain - “In a Hole” (Psychocandy)
13. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” (Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!)
14. Black Sabbath - “Children of the Grave” (Master of Reality)
15. Brian Eno - “Dead Finks Don’t Talk” (Here Come The Warm Jets)
16. The Flesh Eaters - “Digging My Grave” (A Minute To Pray A Second To Die)
17. Sonic Youth - “Dirty Boots” (Goo)

I’ve Been Eaten by Ghosts

01. Sd Laika - “Meshes” (That’s Harakiri)
02. Yoko Shimomura - “Tension Rising” (Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack)
03. Arca - “Anaesthetic” (&&&&&)
04. Demdike Stare - “Hashshashin Chant” (Voices of Dust)
05. Amnesia Scanner - “AS Nam-Dub” (AS Nam-Dub)
06. Loefah - “Mud” (Mud/Rufage)
07. Mica Levi - “Death” (Under the Skin OST)


01. Казма-Казма - “Оратория “Пётр” (Пляски Трубадуров)
02. Cobra Killer - “Camera Eye” (Cobra Killer)
03. Geza X and the Mommymen - “The Paranoids Are Coming” (You Goddam Kids!)
04. 4 Позиции Бруно - “Кража со Взломом Бошки” (Сказы Пажопе)
05. Naked City - “You Will Be Shot” (Naked City)
06. Pink & Brown - “The Tunnel” (Shame Fantasy II)
07. Mindflayer - “Destructed But Bits Rush (Let’s Grow)” (It’s Always 1999)
08. Фоа-Хока - “Блискавична Журба” (Музика Без Хазяїна)
09. Laddio Bollocko - “Nurser” (The Life & Times of Laddio Bollocko)


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