Hakobune / Oliwa / Former Selves / Panabrite - Oceanic Triangulation [Cerberus]

Katie Gately - Pipes (Blue Eight) [Cerberus]

Anne Waldman - Oasis at Biskra [Cerberus]

The Spookfish - Living Room [Cerberus]

DEN - Blossom Juice [Cerberus]

Ancient Elk - Ancient Elk EP [Cerberus]

Ballerine Nadiya - Ballerine Nadiya [Cerberus]

Adrian Knight - Pictures of Lindsey [Cerberus]

M. Sage [Chocolate Grinder]

Head Boggle [Chocolate Grinder]

Russell Walker & Dan Melchior - Walker/Melchior [Cerberus]

Plains Druid - Blue Eleven [Cerberus]

Plains - Stone Cloud [Cerberus]

Yom San - Playa Piano [Cerberus]

Dura - Silver / Lawns [Cerberus]

Scammers - Cover You [Cerberus]

Alosi Den - Live from the School of Disembodied Poetics [Cerberus]

Colour Bük - Coming to Get the Stuff [Cerberus]

Ice Orgy - 2 [Cerberus]

Matthew Dotson - Sublimation [Cerberus]


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