Angelo Harmsworth
Cerrillos Disco [LP; Lime Lodge]

The elegant simplicity of Santa Fe based Lime Lodge is hard to explain. The clean white; the exploration of silence versus static; the gravity of weightlessness. It’s a beauty only seen on dusty, burnt orange sunsets in the still of the desert. Where life should not be, it crops up and thrives. It’s no coincidence that Cerrillos Disco is a chosen release in Lime Lodge’s first batch. It, too, mimics the harsh, yet attractive landscape of the Southwest. It begins its life in a dry, wavy heat. It scorches the turntable with its noisy pestilence before melting away for the splendor of the sand and sky meeting at a point only known to the heavens. It’s no coincidence, considering Angelo Harmsworth, head honcho of Lime Lodge, walks into the desert of his own creation, unafraid of the vision quest laid before him. Don’t be scared, because now it’s your turn. Just stare hard as the swirling wind of white vinyl opens your third eye.

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