♫♪  Various Artists: Phinery - BE as HAPPY as POSSIBLE

A euphoric new compilation from Phinery featuring Mukqs, Padna, More Eaze, Raphael Leray, Nathaniel Young, Maria Moles, Nils Quak, Philippe Lamy, Ollestad, Carrageenan, Persona Mercure, Missing Organs, Jesse Sparhawk, Eschaton, Jim Strong, Schafer + Filardo, James Conduit, Charles Pender, Adam Basanta, Head Dress, Analoc, Karl Fousek, ju ca, Jeremy Bible, Sontag Shogun, Shinya Sugimoto, Angelo Harmsworth, Charles Barabé, Euglossine, Galen Tipton, Sam Gas Can, SUPPORT-SURFACE, and Black Dolphin.

Happy me.

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