Benjamin Finger
Amorosa Sensitiva [LP; X-Ray Records/Blue Tapes]

Beautiful drift from Benjamin Finger, who — pardon the obvious pun — has his fingers into every little musical oddity these days. Amorosa Sensitiva is his most electronic-leaning album yet, circumventing many of his traditional pop hallmarks for more out-of-bounds pop. Hypnotic and confusing, each side of the soda-clear vinyl gives no hint of side or order, which only furthers the brilliant madness of Amorosa Sensitiva. It doesn’t matter how you listen, so long as you do Finger proper diligence and start each side at the beginning, so it can weave its tapestry uninterrupted. There are no tricks or deception, which explains the minimal packaging. Nothing up Finger’s sleeves except Aces.


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