Can’t tell if you’re dreaming? This video premiere from Benjamin Finger, James Plotkin, and Mia Zabelka can help!

Can't tell if you're dreaming? This video premiere from Benjamin Finger, James Plotkin, and Mia Zabelka can help!
The always-dreamy Benjamin Finger (Photo: Eva Jacobsen)

Is there anything more nauseatingly frightening than suddenly realizing: “shit, I’m in a dream!”? As a child, no nightmare was worse than the kind that gradually shifted from “this isn’t lucid whatsoever!” to “oh shit, this is VERY freaking lucid!”

To this day, I feel that stomach-pit anxiety still lurking around every promise of psychedelic bliss. And I certainly can’t help but remember that fear when watching the newest video from Benjamin Finger: an audio/visual excerpt to launch a new sonic project from himself, Mia Zabelka, and James Plotkin (of The Lotus Eaters and Khanate among others). Pleasure-Voltage, their upcoming collaborative album, will be out this February 15 on Karlrecords.

Finger has been poking around the net (and our Chocolate Grinder) with experimental super 8 music videos for some time. This newest project, which its live-premiere at the REWIRE festival 2018, is now coming on vinyl, digital, and imaginary dream-sequence to a cerebral cortex near you. The premiere video features about the first four minutes of the first track, “Hostile Structures.”

Don’t wake up yet! You can pre-order Pleasure-Voltage right now over at Karlrecords’s Bandcamp after you watch this mesmerizing video. (And in case you were wondering who could possibly have mastered this LP made by masters of mastering, duh: it’s Rashad Becker, of course.)

<cite>Pleasure​-​Voltage</cite> (artwork: Sverre Malling)

Pleasure-Voltage tracklisting:

01. Hostile Structures
02. Kaleidoscopic Nerves

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