Benjamin Finger
Mood Chaser [CS; Digitalis]

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to sit down with a Digitalis batch. Not so long since I wrapped Benjamin Finger around…my fingers. The man with a musical identity crisis seems to be settling into a more noticeable persona, odd as it may be. But I was never one to gravitate toward normality which explains so many of my life decisions. So while my mild manner self sits behind a desk and bangs out a living, the suit tearing humanoid behind it relishes Benjamin Finger’s handlebar mustache and underwear-on-the-outside look. Mood Chaser wears its two identities similarly: seemingly put together from the outside, but secretly writhing in uncomfortable conformity until it runs to the nearest phone booth to shed its glassy appearance. Rather than see a projection of what we want it to be, Mood Chaser hunts down those shreds of regularity and rips them to pieces. This maudlin mood of having to fit into some Genus Species is getting us all down. Well, not good ol’ Ben Finger who chases a dollop of NyQuil with a swig of Absinthe. See the world for what it really is and be the person you’re meant to be. Desk jobs and responsibilities will be there tomorrow.

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