Black Sky Chants
I’ll Sleep Until I See the Moon [CS; Aguirre]

Closely linked to the more tropical (so sorry to employ that overused term, but when in the Galapagos…) output of Sean McCann, Black Sky Chants’ “I’ll Sleep Until I See the Moon” commits all the crimes I’ve accused so many tape-bakers of, yet I can’t bring myself to charge them in an underground court of audio law because they do it so goddamn well. Imbuing drone with this level of atmosphere seems so easy to so many, yet I’ve taken in dozens of cassettes that just can’t compare. The vivid mix doesn’t hurt either; it’s like I’m in the aquarium with them, flicking my tongue at flies and basking in the wind-blown mist. Without a knob-job this crisp, well… Who am I kidding? I’d still be on board, but it’s nice to get a surround-sound experience many 7-inches can’t even touch. RIYLin’ all over Riceboy Sleeps, Cedars Of Lebanon, early NNA, and many more I will never hear (so many regrets).


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