♫♪  Black Sky Chants - I’ll Sleep Until I See The Moon [album stream]

Russian minimalist Sergei Dmitriev is used to playing Sandman and putting our asses to bed. Previously known as Bedroom Bear, Dmitriev layered gentle loops upon gentle loops, creating music that could serve as a splendid soundtrack to anyone’s sleepytime. Recording now under the slightly less cuddly moniker Black Sky Chants, Dmitriev sculpts just as dreamy sounds, veering just barely towards haunting visions and distant nightmares.

Representing the second cassette release from Belgian experimental label Aguirre Records, I’ll Sleep Until I See The Moon is a dream. From the Close Encounters of the Third Kind-esque spacey call-and-response melody on lead-off track “67 km of Capricorn” to the tangled guitar echoes of “Strobe Glide,” you’ll leave this record feeling like you just woke from a wondrous dream but can’t remember shit. Luckily you can just listen to it again.

• Black Sky Chants: http://blackskychant.tumblr.com
• Aguirre Records: http://www.aguirrecords.com

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