Broken Machine Films
Album 01 Part 01 - The Time - Freshman [CS; Sicsic]

I think that the official genre of this music is what’s known in the business as “noodle-scratcher.” At least that is what I, self-described professional noodle-scratcher cassette tape archivist and historian, would file Broken Machine Films under. A young man named Josh Rogers pieced this and a few other tapes together in recent months, music from what sounds like little more than video cassette tape samples from the 80s and 90s with little (or probably no) effectual affectations added. It’s just cut, pasted, and represented here in no particular order. Think Everything is Terrible, but audio only, and although funny, more by accident than on purpose. It’s a drum solo, then a Hawaiian luau tune, then the music from a network television station’s “Be right back” technical difficulties card. Side B starts with something that sounds like Mancini, and then rolls into maybe the opening credits of Baywatch(?), and so on. It is informative! It is educational! It is wearing neon sunglasses (cooooool)! It is four easy installments of $19.99, but only for a limited time! It is a couch potato! And it is even kind of sexy! You can see the horizontal tracking lines, you can feel the tint-adjust knob rolling around your index finger, trying to get that perfect, clear picture you know is hidden somewhere in the ol’ boob tube. You might not ever get there, but this should still provide ample entertainment nonetheless.


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